F-A-Natic Fridays – The Ultimate Fans!

I thought I pay tribute to the most ‘Ultimate Fans’ who without a doubt show team spirit and dedicated to follow their teams; no location or time of year has ever discouraged this group of fans. So who has the greatest fans in the world? Redsox Nation, Cubs, The Ohio State, USC, The ‘U’, Florida Gators, Raider Nation, or could it be the legendary NY Yankees???

I say none of the above! The greatest fans in the world are, Wait for it…… GROUPIES!!!!!!

This post is speaking to GROUPIE NATION; and they know who they are. Over the years Groupie Nation has consistently traveled to all the major sporting events; Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, NBA All-Star and even MLB All-Star (depending on which city).




They manage to finance trips all over the United States even with the country in a recession. Even though they can barely pay their rent or pay credit card bills, they find a way to get the airfare. Nothing seems to stop GROUPIE NATION from traveling. These resourceful fans will do whatever it takes to support their favorite players I mean TEAMS; ummmm who I am kidding PLAYERS!!!

I am not hating on these ladies, who am I to tell anyone how they should spend their time and money. As a matter of fact I applaud these ladies, they know what they want and they do whatever it takes to get it. They have the concentration of Ray Lewis playing middle linebacker, and the will to win and do whatever it takes to get their man. Their will to win can only be matched by the likes of Kobe Byrant.

These birds of prey are like no other; their curves can mesmerize the most dedicated bouncer/security guard. With one wink they can work their way to any ballers table. Before you know it they have already have their first Grey Goose & Cranberry in hand.

And like that these ‘Ultimate Fans’ aka Groupie Nation have accomplished their mission; Making Contact with the possibility of landing a baller!

As I mentioned earlier this is merely a tribute to the hardest working fans in the business, without Groupie Nation who would we talk about when recapping the previous night events. If not for Groupie Nation these weekends would not be the same; there would be no stories of the chick that was seen at 3 different ballers tables in 3 nights. Or the chick that hit off the baller and his entire crew!

I know that last remark was kind of crude but I am sure we have all heard that story at least once.

So in conclusion here is to GROUPIE NATION, you provide a service like no other. With enough support I think we can startup a Groupie Nation Hall Of Fame!!!

With that said, always remember……

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!


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  2. Mimi · February 15, 2010

    This was a really funny blog that not only made me laugh out loud, but brought back fun memories for me from when I was in college. No, I wasn’t a groupie or a fan, but was a talent booker/promoter/merch seller/roadie for a local music club in town. So not only did I make some connections, I also met a lot of fans/groupies and heard some really crazy stories. To this day I am still shocked that people took out and still take out college loans and used grant money to finance their road/plane trips to see different bands or one band play in multiple venues. They definitely did and will do all sorts of crazy things just to accomplish their goals.
    I will applaud you for not hatin’ the “groupie nation” because all too often they are the bunch who is told to “beat it” if they are sitting at a table minding their own business and someone who thinks they are “the shit” or if they are “wannabe ballers” wants to chill. That’s just rude and totally unnecessary.
    I will strongly disagree with you in that I truly believe there is a difference between a fan and a groupie, as there is a difference between a groupie and a stalker.
    This blog also reminded me of a recent interview of Kim Kardashian on the Joy Boyer show of which surprised me when Kim said that she could no longer tweet where she was, but could only tweet where she was leaving or had been, because people were showing up. That’s creepy.
    One has to admit it is funny and very nice when an entertainer or sports star actually gives props to their fans, not their groupies. What motivates them to do this, I don’t know since I am not an entertainer or sports star, but I will say it should be done more often. Your fans allow you to make a living in whatever you love to do and they should be respected.


    • bbroadway · February 15, 2010

      I will agree that there is a different between a Groupie and a Fan, I was just playing on the idea of the greatest fans who knows everything about their teams and Groupies who can tell you everything about a Ball Player and his life that always focuses on money. I will say that the athletes I know are very respectful of their fans, its a difficult life to live when all you want to do is have a quiet dinner or just have fun with your friends. While fans come around and asks for autographs and want to talk about how the game went and who will win next week.


  3. iPhone ringtone maker · February 27, 2010

    Impressive!, This is just what I want


  4. BobbyBroad BabyMama · June 25, 2010

    By your definition, that makes me a sorta groupie. I go to all the major sporting events, but for the party, not just to land a baller.

    I’m also a chick that may be seen at 3 different baller’s table on 3 different nights, especially at Super Bowl week. Sheesh, does this make me a groupie or a chick who likes a good party?


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