Takeover Thursdays – John Mayer

“Hood Pass” or let’s keep it real “N***er Pass”; you know maybe John Mayer can blame his “n***er” slip on Dave Chappelle. As it was Dave who had John Mayer on one his segments “Can White People Dance?”. It’s possible that John felt he earned his “N***er Pass” watching the taping of the “The Niggar Family” episode.

I guess he missed the episode “When Keeping it real goes wrong”. I mean anyone would’ve made that mistake, right?? If you follow John Mayer on Twitter his late night tweets are erratic and off the wall; his comments have you ROFL or have you scratching your head wondering WTH is this kat talking about? Either way Mayer’s loose cannon tweets finally caught up with him, and let’s be honest is it really a surprise?

For example Mayer once Tweeted, “My mouth is the Don King of my penis.” Mayer is guilty of trying too hard to live on the edge, this is the same kat who loves being in front of the TMZ cameras making sure everyone knows where he is. Lets also not forget Mayer kissed gossip blogger Perez Hilton and explained this as trying to “outgay this guy”; Who does that?????

In all honesty I don’t believe John Mayer is a racist but I do believe he is a dumbass, that happens to have musical talent’. unfortunately for him this will not be the last time his mouth will get him into trouble.

Mayer in his Playboy interview also mentioned his attraction or lack of sexual attraction for Black women, and in an attempt of shock and awe humor Mayer referred to his dick as David Duke (former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan) while trying to explain his lack of sexual attraction to women of color (At least Black women). If John would continue to leave Black women alone, that would really help me out as I don’t need any more competition out in the streets.

So I want to be the 1st one to say THANK YOU John Mayer; thanks for your David Duke cock. As a matter of fact let’s make a deal, I will drop my Maggie Gyllenhaal crush (Twitter Family will understand) in exchange for you staying away from Black women.


Fair enough??? So no more Kerry Washington mentions……

I’ll even throw in Holly Robinson Peete AND I will continue to follow and RT your funniest tweets. Can’t promise this will re-instate your “Hood Pass” but at this point you need all the positive exposure you can get; by the way who signed off on that pass? I mean.. I know you paid tribute to Michael Jackson at the memorial but seriously we’ll need some more references. Maybe you should take lessons from Amanda Bynes; she knows how to give compliments as evident by her recent tweets: “So turns out I prefer chocolate over vanilla. interesting.”


Hey Amanda, “Thats Meeee…” (‘All That’ reference)

In conclusion Mr. Mayer, your ‘Takeover‘ attempt of social media has hit a speed bump; as Nate Robinson (@Nate_Robinson) once told me “Fall back youngin…”

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

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