Militant Mondays – Ignorance

Whoever said, “Ignorance is bliss” was a damn fool!!


What is so good about being ‘Ignorant’? Ask any Liberal and they will tell you we just finished surviving 8 years of ignorance, how did that workout for us?


It’s time to use a little bit of common sense, I don’t believe I am asking for a lot here. Let’s start taking responsibility for ourselves and stop using ignorance as an excuse for why YOU act the way you do. No reason for anyone to get on public transportation and talk aloud about how you didn’t know your cousin was sucking dick for crack! Do you really think everyone wants to hear your f**ked up family story?

Or what about parents who invest more in their kids’ sneakers, and clothes than in their education! I see more kids walking these streets with the latest LeBron’s or Kobe’s, but when you listen to them talk they can barely put 2 sentences together or tell you what state President Obama served as Senator. But hey, who cares about that because when we have 6 years old who can memorize all the lyrics to the latest Gucci Mane song, “Brrrrrr”. That baby got talent…… Really???

Seriously folks, if you look at the definition of Ignorant there is nothing bliss about it.

Ig-nor-ant: lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned

I can understand not knowing certain things but who wants to be ‘unlearned’ or ‘lacking in training’???
On a daily basis I see to many people who live in a world of ignorance and they’re ok with this. Who is the blame for this lack of training?

White people?

Black people?

Sorry to say we have no one to blame but ourselves; it’s not Black/White or Rich/Poor, it’s a people thing. You can look at our society and see different examples of ignorance; Gilbert Arenas, Michael Richardson, John Mayer, Flavor Flav and many more….


The darkness (and no not referring to Black people here) of ignorance doesn’t care what color you are. It feeds off of lack of desire, and an abundance of complacency. It easy to say, “Oh well I didn’t know…” or “I’m just a goof-ball..”

We can no longer settle for these poor excuses, and we must expect more from ourselves. Notice I didn’t say Black or White people must expect more, I am talking to all people.

Until we are ready to challenge each other, our society will continue to slowly fall apart. This ignorance is growing and it is pulling in more victims daily. *Cough* Sarah Palin *Cough*


I believe it was Mrs Palin who said, “We Need A Commander-In-Chief Not A Professor Of Law”. Only a person filled with ignorance would think that the Commander-In-Chief could not also be and intellectual.

If I can steal a line from President Obama, “Yes We Can” DO BETTER!!!!

It’s time to raise the bar folks……

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

P.S. I realize that I focused on Black and White in this post but I believe the meaning behind this post applies to all regardless of race, creed, or color!