Free Flowing – Nuclear Power (Keith Olbermann’s Ignorance)

And here I was thinking I would have nothing to write about today, thank you Ketih Olbermann!

I expect a lot more from Keith Olbermann, his irresponsible commentary on nuclear energy is along the same lines as the lousy reporting by Fox News or Rush Limbaugh.


Mr. Olbermann sir… No offense, you’re ignorant (lacking knowledge)!!

How is it that it’s been 30 years since a nuclear reactor has been built in the U.S.? Hmmm… Maybe because we have ignorant people like Keith Olbermann passing himself as a knowledgable commentators.

Tonight on Keith Olbermann’s show ‘Countdown’ he discussed President Obama’s announcement for investing in nuclear energy, with $8 Billion dollars in loan guarantees to help build a nuclear power plant in Georgia. Before I get started on Olbermann allow me to give a brief background on Nuclear Energy and its relation to Liberals in the United States. For years Liberals have been against the use of nuclear energy and their concerns in the past were valid. Their concerns included effects to the environment, safety, and disposal of the spent nuclear rods used to produce the energy. Then accidents at Three Mile Island (1979) and Chernobyl (1986) halted the nuclear energy movement in the U.S. Unfortunately Liberals have been extremely slow in keeping up and understanding how technology and regulations have protected the enviroment as well as improved safety and disposal of nuclear waste.

Back to Olbermann….

Olbermann’s states, “President Obama promised a new generation of safe/clean nuclear power plants in this country. Key words safe and clean third word possible???”.

Staying true to his liberal form Keith Olbermann took exception to this announcement by citing nuclear accidents that occurred at Three Mile Island (1979) and Chernobyl (Russia 1986) and the controversy of storing spent nuclear rods. In his commentary Olbermann continuously referred to these 2 accidents as if they happened just yesterday. He even stooped as low as to use the Simpsons to question Nuclear Energy, SERIOUSLY?!?!?! On any given night Olbermann will cite the fear tactics used by Fmr President Bush and his administration to scare the public into supporting their stance on Terrorism. So with great hypocrisy Olbermann using scare tactics failed to mention some key facts about studies and investigations done concerning the events surrounding Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.

Three Mile Island (TMI):
From 1981 to 2002, numerous studies examining the effects of the TMI accident found no injuries, deaths or discernible health effects from the small amount of radiation released. If anything Three Mile Island proved the effectiveness of safety measures at a nuclear facility built and regulated in the United States. Yes radiation was released in the atmosphere due to the accident but it was minimal; studies of the soil also showed no significant amounts of radiation were ever found. Of course if Olbermann had mentioned this it might have taken away from his argument.


Without a doubt Chernobyl is the worse nuclear power plant disaster in the history of nuclear energy, there is no denying the devastation caused by the accident. So Olbermann has the right to mention this accident, but what he failed to discuss were the failures by the operators and the failure of proper regulations in Russia that could have prevented or at minimized the accident. For example, the protection shelter for the reactor at Chernobyl could be compared to a tool shed in your background that was purchased from Home Depot! An accident like this would never happen in the United States as a Chernobyl style plant would never be built-in the U.S


As for those spent nuclear rods, if Mr Olbermann did his research he might have mentioned that France and other nations with nuclear power plants recycle spent nuclear rods to reduce waste and need for storage. If the U.S. adopted such technology the need to dispose the nuclear waste (Yucca Mountain) would decrease drastically.

Mr. Olbermann also failed to mention that 80% of the energy produced by France is produced by Nuclear Energy. Meanwhile the 80% of the energy produced in the U.S. is produced by dirty Coal Burning plants that release CO2 in our environment. By the way there is no such thing ‘Clean Coal’!

So to answer your question Mr Olbermann about nuclear energy being safe; YES. You can run a safe nuclear power plant, it has been proven in France and China. So why would it be so hard to believe that a nation like the United States could not do the same.

To backup his argument about safety Olbermann enlisted the help of Jeffery Lewis, Director of the Nuclear Strategy and Nonproliferation Initiative at the New American Foundation. Mr Lewis went on to provide a weak argument that nuclear power plants are slighty safer than 30 years ago but that they will never be completely safe. Mr Lewis then made a curious statement, that the risk of preventing an accident is not ZERO!

Really Mr Lewis???? I dare you or anyone to find me a Coal Burning Plant that has zero risk of accidents that could cause harm to the envirnoment or people. As a matter of fact when a coal plant runs without any issues that plant is causing harm to the envirnoment everyday it is running. It’s real simple Mr Lewis and Mr Olbermann; when you burn coal you release CO2 to the atmosphere,which has been linked to Global Warming. As a card-carrying Liberal Mr Olbermann I am pretty sure you believe in Global Warming aka Climate Change.

What was it again that cause Climate Change…. Oh yeah CO2 keeping the heat trapped and warming the planet, hmmmm!!!

Lets see if I can simplify this for you, nuclear energy is our best alternative to provide enough clean energy to power this nation. Many will say, “What about renewable energy like Wind, and Solar?” Yes, wind and solar is clean energy, but the problem with wind and solar is that the wind is not always blowing and the technology to store solar energy is not up to par to handle our needs. Wind and Solar energy cannot sustain the Base Load power need for our society. Look at it this way; when you turn on the light switch in your house or apartment the lights come on. The power used to ensure we have electricity to turn on our lights on is known as Base Load. Of course this all flies out the window if you don’t pay your electric bill, HA!!

I know I know, I get a little bit worked up over this stuff, but if I am going to tweet or blog my displeasure with Republicans and/or call Glenn Beck a nutbag. Then I have to do the same with Democrats and their commentators.

With that said Mr Olbermann you are Bobby Broadway’s Worst Person……

As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

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  2. Mimi · February 17, 2010

    I was surprised that you didn’t put in a little disclosure saying that you work at a power plant. Then again should I assume that most of your readers and audience already know that? It would of been a good tie in to, “And you don’t see me glowing with radiation.” ;D


    • bbroadway · February 17, 2010

      Lol, actually I don’t work in a plant. I am a corporate guy!


      • Mimi · February 17, 2010

        wow!! thats unbelievable! I never would of imagined u being corporate!!!


  3. slimmocha · February 17, 2010

    Love the last pic, good read.


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