Militant Mondays – White Boy


How is it that in 2010 a White Boy can’t walk up into a predominately White club without being harassed by security. What happened to the good old days when a White boy could walk anywhere in America without question?

These are some crazy times we are living in. This past weekend I was with hanging out with my peoples when we witnessed the unbelievable.

Now if you know NYC nightlife you already know how it goes down, but I will quickly break it down for the non-New Yorkers.

Basically if you’re a group of guys trying to get up in a hot club it’s not going to happen unless you getting a bottle or hitting off security with some cash. Now add the color thing and you better have the right gear on top of everything else, lol. Even then, you can have the money for bottles, security and the right gear and still be denied or at least be delayed in getting into the club.

That’s when you need the ultimate hookup; The Owner! With the owner as a hookup there is no stopping you.

Back to the story… On this night we were working with the ultimate hookup, we talking about 6 dudes with no chicks (chicks were waiting for inside,YESSIR) walking into one of the hottest NYC spots without any issues. As we walk in we immediately head towards our table, well….. We were until security yells out, “Yo, White boy… Ayo White boy.”

It takes us a minute to figure who thus kat is talking to. Then it dawns on us, one of the 6 homies is White. I was thinking to myself like wow you didn’t have to shout our boy like that? Did it look that suspicious that a lil White boy was rolling with 5 Black dudes? Was that so odd??

At that point we cleared the air and it was all good. Security backed off and went back to doing his job. For the next couple of minutes we laughed about it, but at the same time we were somewhat disturbed by the situation. Needles to say a couple of shots of Patron along with Grey Goose and Cranberry made us all forget about the ignorance for the time being.

In retrospect, that was still some crazy shit!! Maybe I am making a big deal out of nothing, but I can’t justify the ignorance of that security dude. Maybe that was his payback for all the White kats in the club having fun spending money he didn’t have. Or maybe it was the frustration boiling over from dealing with the door and having everybody coming at him all at once. I don’t know and really the only that will know is that dude.

I do know this, if it was a White security dude yelling out “Black Boy” it would have been a crazy situation at that point. This leads me to my point, where is the outrage for “White Boy”? Who will stand up for Opie when he is made fun of??? LOL, seriously there are double standards that are excepted too easily in our society. When Black people yell out “White Boy” it’s funny but let White people yell out “Black Boy”. I guarantee somebody getting knocked the f**k out!

As Black people we can’t sit around and cry foul when “WE” feel the situation is not in our favor. We all need to recognize foul is foul!

I have to hand it to my homies we all looked at the situation as messed up, I think we are actually growing up. A couple of years ago I can’t front we would have laughed our asses and had jokes on our boy. We still do the jokes but we still recognized the issue. In my eyes that’s where it starts, first recognize then put forth solutions. Not saying I have the solution but I am thinking about it; one step at a time folks….

I will give credit to my “White” homie, he handled himself. I think we more disturbed by the comment then he was. As for the security dude, I have no animosity towards him. I just hopes he chooses his words a lil more wisely in the future, it wasn’t too long ago when being called “Black Boy”, “Negro”, or “Ni**er” was said in public without anyone flinching but you!

I guess we can call that progress, right??? Like Tracy Morgan said in his new movie, ‘Cop Out’; “The President is Black we can make decisions now….”. Maybe Ignorance is Bliss, hmmmmm!!!

As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!