F-A-Natic Fridays – Birds


Bird: a woman who is materially obsessed , and morally corrupt , but never the less finds highly physically desirable for the moment.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why is Broadway writing about Birds?”. That’s a good question and I believe what intrigues me the most about birds are how relevant they believe they are to society. I had the opportunity to observe some Birds up close, and each experience was extraordinary. I will warn you if you chose to observe a Bird up close be very careful, as the definition states they are physically desirable. I can’t front, I have fallen victim to a couple of Birds, so please heed my warnings.

In my dealings with Birds I observed their attention to fashion, their surroundings, and of course themselves. No matter the situation Birds will always make it about them; it doesn’t matter if it is about them in a negative or a positive way. One minute they are name dropping (Diddy, any NBA/NFL player etc..) who they hung out with the night before and then in the next breath they are telling a sob story about how everything and everyone is against them. In their world there is no such thing as bad PR, it’s all about being talked about!

Any attempt to hate on these Birds will only feed their desires. The hate gives them strength as it validates their Bird like ways, now that I think about it that’s what sparks my interest in Birds. I mean what other creature feeds off of both positive and negative?

With all that said, there is one glaring weakness Birds share in common. In many cases these Birds go through life not even understanding this weakness. It’s very simple; there is a reason why a Bird is always on point fashion wise, or always making conversations all about them. It’s the never-ending hunger for attention, it comes from an emptiness they have no idea on how to fill.

That emptiness/void is LOVE!

They lack the ability to love themselves, because they have no idea how to love themselves. Birds look for others to fill that void, they use keen fashion sense, and interesting lifestyle in hopes to attract love.

Sadly enough these Birds eventually lose their glorious plumage, one by one their feathers aka desirable physical attributes begin to fade…. You then see these “Exotic” Birds for what they truly are; flying rats! Diseased filled rodents that carry plagues…

Bubonic and Black Plagues that have destroyed civilizations!!!

So be wary of the Bird with glorious plumage for it is not what it appears to be…..

As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!