Talking Points Tuesdays – How Many Kids????

Welcome to the NY Jets Antonio Cromartie; I may not be a Jets fans but I can tell you that Jets fans will love you if you play hard. With all that love comes some responsibility, and in the past you have not shown you’re not capable of handling the love. So to help you avoid past “mistakes” you made early on in your career. Here is a link you should checkout:

Not trying to come down on the young kat, who am I kidding yes I am! I just wanted to make sure Cromartie is aware how easy it can be to obtain condoms, because for some reason this seems to be a difficult idea for him to grasp. He has seven children by six different women in five states and at least five paternity suits in the past two years. This kat has been putting in a lot of work since he got into the NFL (2006), and it seems like most of that work was put in after his record-breaking 2007 season (team record 10 interceptions). For whatever reason Cromartie loves to go bareback with his women or at least he used to. According to his recent interviews he acknowledged he made some mistakes and that he is ready to take responsibility for those mistakes. Ayo homie, you may want to refrain from calling your kids mistakes!

Luckily for Cromartie the Jets saw enough in him to give him $500K up front to help him with his paternity suits; this is a damn shame for someone who is scheduled to make 1.7 million this year. Was it really worth it Cromartie? Now you have 7 mistakes in reportedly 5 states to support for a loooooooonnnnngggggg time. You know when you look at it a certain way the Jets made a pretty good investment, I mean Cromartie HAS to put in work so he can support all those kids!

In all seriousness this is not really about Cromartie but this is about the Larry Johnson’s (7 kids) (basketball) and Shawn Kemp’s (7 kids) of the world. WTH is going on these kats? Are they trying to get their “Big Love”? I don’t know but I doubt these guys will work as Mormons, lol:


It’s not cool bringing all of these kids into the world without real dads; you can’t possibly be with all these kids to give them the attention they need. No disrespect to single mothers out there but a child (boy or girl) needs a father to teach them the little things in life.

Money is not a substitute for daddy!

Let’s get it together folks; we cheer these heroes of the gridiron on Sundays. I say this coming season Jets’ fans need to really get behind and support the newest Jet; Antonio Cromartie.

K-I-D-S, Kids, Kids, Kids…………………..

As always….
If there is something to be said, “Its On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

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