WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Seton Hall Pirates


WTF is going on with Seton Hall?

How can so much controversy come out of such a little school?

In November of last year, Keon Lawrence a junior transfer was arrested and charge with assault by auto after driving the wrong way on the Garden State Parkway and causing a 2 car accident. Then on Tuesday Robert Mitchell was arrested for robbery, kidnapping, and possession of a weapon in Newark and this was after the coach kicked him off the team for criticizing the coach in the paper. This kat Mitchell and one other person apparently broke in someones home and duct-taped 8 people and robbed them for cash. As if that wasn’t enough Tuesday night during the Hall’s NIT game Herb Pope decided to punch a player from Texas Tech in the balls! Then as the curtain closed on this clamity for a finale Seton Hall gave coach Bobby Gonzalez his walking papers.

I guess “The Hall” was doing their best impersonation of “The U”!

Where the hell was Gonzalez recruiting these kats from, Rahway!

Who can you put the blame on when you this kind of nonsense is going on? Many times the coach is blamed for recruiting bad players but that would be too easy in this case. Everyone plays a part in this; so where do we start!

Well, you have to look at Gonzalez’s, he didn’t have the greatest reputation coming from Manhattan as his personality rubbed people the wrong way. Then his ability to recruit was questioned and that might explain the recent activity of his players. Beings college in the tri-state area there is a lot of competition for local talent and playing in the Big East doesn’t make it any easier. So it is quite possible Gonzalez feeling the pressure to win decided to lower the bar when it came to character; a player robbing and kidnapping people, another player punching opposing players in the nuts and on top of that 3 of his recruits for next year have not qualified academically. Damn, with all that said do we really have to continue?

To be fair Seton Hall’s administration shares some of the blame for this as well, they hired the guy to coach these young kats. He is a fiery guy that seemed to push the envelope. If all this happened I wonder what other sh*t the university covered up?

Finally, last but not least THE KIDS! When will these young kats grow the f**k up? I don’t want to make excuses for these kids as there are already too many out there already. You are given the opportunity to change your life but for whatever reason you prefer the BS instead of the possibility of earning a B.A.

Honestly I don’t have much else to say about this as no one wins. Robert Mitchell and Keon Lawrence will more than likely go to jail, Herb Pope will be a herb and Gonzalez will get a low budget job some where else.

The real loser in this might be Jeremy Hazell, an outstanding talent who could be lost in all this stupidty. Hopefully he will rise above it all, you know what; f**k it! Who am I kidding, leave school early Jeremy can’t be anything worse than being a Pirate!

As always….
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