F-A-Natic Fridays – No more Tiger news, just golf…

As announced earlier this week Tiger Woods will be returning to golf April 8th, his first event will be The Masters. Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia will be the back drop for the return of the baddest man on the golf course. This being his first event since his Big Pimpin ways was exposed; you can expect that there will be an extra buzz around Augusta.

Unfortunately for Tiger the buzz is not only about him returning to golf; as expected there will be a lot of talk of his cheating ways. I am not here to defend Tiger hollering at every chick that walks by. There is no defending that, but let’s be fair folks. The NY Daily News ran a story Thursday about how some in the Augusta are weary of him being around while others were looking forward to having Tiger around for The Masters.

So what exactly is bugging those who are “weary” of Tiger being around for The Masters? While reading the headline I figure people would have a problem with his cheating ways, instead the article started off with comments from a local dad who warned that Tiger Woods better stay away from his 12 and 16-year-old daughters. WTF, did I miss something? When did cheating on your wife (albeit with several women) equate to being a pedophile? Is the Daily News that hard up for readership that they would even entertain a comment like that? What makes it worse is that the article makes no attempt to point out that Tiger was never accused of sleeping with underage girls.

But it didn’t stop there, as I mentioned early there are people excited about Tiger’s return. Meet Sydney Balogh:


Nothing spectacular about this young lady, she is a 27-year-old stylist in the Augusta area that is excited to see Tiger Woods. Except this simple whore is not excited to see Tiger play golf, this chick is excited at the possibility of trying to date Tiger! Who is this chick? You can’t tell me this bum b**ch doesn’t know Tiger is still married; in her simple ass mind she thinks it’s cool to take a shot a married man who is has already been documented cheating on his wife and attending a sex clinic. In her world he is open game, it’s so cool that she doesn’t mind giving her full name so that she can be quoted in a newspaper. Not only that but this chick even took a pic for the article. Seriously, so we have a dumbass dad and a delusional whore, is there nothing else in the sports world going on? And it didn’t stop there as the article also noted some other dumbass chicks who work at a local area Hooters. These chicks displayed the same whore mentality as Sydney, except they stayed away from names and glamour shots.

I just don’t understand, the media continues to look for any Tiger news. On the real unless y’all got a story about how one of these side chicks is his having Tiger’s kid; dead this story. While your at it, stop giving this porn star Jocelyn James and her text messages any shine. Days after Tiger announces his return for The Master she wants to release sexy text messages, C’mon Son!

She’s using the media and these kats don’t even seem to mind, at this point I can’t tell who are the bigger whores this chick or the media.

I hope Tiger wins The Masters, and then during his press conference I would love to see him look around the room with all the cameras flashing; smile and give everyone the finger! Now that’s Tiger news I wouldn’t mind reading about!!


As always….
If there is something to be said, “Its On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

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