Guest Blogger: Let’s go Blue, not Rogue…

I like to introduce my first guest blogger, Jessica V. She reps Houston, Texas aka “H-town”, show her some love!!

Do you remember where you were, what you were doing, what exactly was happening the moment you realized you were a true blue blooded Democrat? For some it may have been the day you heard Senator John F. Kennedy announce his candidacy for president. For others, the realness and compassion of Jimmy Carter may have won you over, and for a younger generation Bill Clinton’s absolute refusal to back down in the face of criticism and his deep dedication to the American people may have been the push that brought you over the edge. Then, there are those of you who fall into none of these groups, your age, gender, race, religion, and social status vary greatly, but there is one thing you have in common. You became a Democrat the day Senator Barack Obama stood where Abraham Lincoln stood a hundred and fifty years before, and announced that he would seek the Democratic nomination for the 2008 presidential election. Whenever the moment was and whatever was happening around you, you felt something, something moved inside of you, and you would be forever changed.

Is that not the story of The Democratic Party? We are a party that is built around ensuring equality of all men, helping our brother when he is down, and making change where change is needed! People become Democrats under inspirational circumstances. Someone inspires them, moves them, makes them cry, and they then find their place in a party that has enough room for everyone but still feel likes a small, close-knit family at the end of the day. Is that not what you felt on November 4, 2008 as you watched Barack Obama accept the presidency of this great country? Is it not what you felt that cold day in January when he was sworn into office and spoke words that gave people around the world goose bumps and brought many to tears? Well, it is what I felt, I was so proud to be a member of a party that looks out for one another, and truly understands people, and more importantly truly cares about their well-being. The Democrat inside of me was reborn, and I was ready to get to work, and begin changing things!

AND, now here I am, one year and two months later, and I am at a total standstill. I don’t think I need to run down the list of what we have not accomplished; instead I want to take a stab at why so many things are still wrong. I am completely disgusted when I see my fellow Dems pointing fingers at the president and saying “he just hasn’t gotten enough done for progressives!” Let’s be real folks! Things haven’t gotten done because we as a party have not gotten them done!! It was a Democrat named Ben Nelson that was keeping us from getting the healthcare bill passed a few months ago, and more importantly it was Democrats like Max Baucus, Blanche Lincoln, and Kent Conrad who prevented the American people from having the public option this country so desperately needs. Therefore, who is really to blame? The president cannot be held solely responsible for what has or has not happened since he has taken office; his own party has played a great role in holding him back.

So what now? Do we just give up like they so desperately want us to? Do we turn and put our nose in the corner they have backed us into, and just call it quits? Are we as Democrats really going to let the GOP run us off? It’s time to get moving people! Our own party is leaving the man who caused us such inspiration just two years ago out in the middle of the ocean with no life-preserver. What are we doing?? The ridiculous bickering in the party and conflict over the smallest of things is giving the Republicans just what they want. They are sitting back laughing at us as we completely fall apart right under their microscope. We have fallen right into their game, and in case you haven’t noticed we are approaching the finish line rapidly, and the only thing at that line is a huge sign that says “YOU LOST”. It’s not too late, we can still turn this around, but it has to be done now. As a party we have got to stick together, even at times when we may not agree whole heartedly with our fellow Dems. This is not the time for compromise within our own party, this is the time for pushing through what we promised the American people in a united front. If this does not happen in the next couple of months, I am afraid Michael Moore is right. We will be headed for “the butt whipping of our lives” come November.