Takeover Thursdays – To be or NOT To be a Maverick…


“I never considered myself a maverick… I consider myself a person who serves the people of Arizona to the best of his abilities.”

How desperate is John McCain right now? The guy who ran his 2008 campaign as “The Maverick” is now denying he ever was a Maverick. McCain change of heart can be contributed to the challenge for his Senate seat by fellow Republican and Tea Party backed J.D. Hayworth. Throughout his career McCain has been that has put forth ideas that have not always been supported by the Republican base (immigration, the 2008 bailout etc…). In this political environment that is considered suicide, as the Tea Party and the extreme Right is looking to push ultra-Conservatism. That is something McCain has never been and now he is seriously being challenged by someone (Hayworth), that challenged has caused McCain to recreate his image once again.

When it comes to politics the flip-flopping McCain is currently going through is expected, but denying ever being a Maverick is straight comedy; Come On Son!!! On the biggest stage (presidential election) he ran commercial after commercial calling himself a Maverick and now he wants to deny it; the old man must be senile!

Here are some examples of McCain campaigning as the Maverick:

Ummmmmmm, yeah………….

Ok, so where is the John McCain from those ads and excerpts from speeches? I have no respect for the John McCain we are seeing right now. How can he sit there with a straight face and deny being a Maverick? Why would anyone in Arizona ever trust him to represent them if they can’t trust which McCain will show up. It’s kind of sad watching McCain struggle to find an identity after so many years of service, I can’t understand this strategy.

McCain should be ashamed of himself; his daughter Meghan McCain has more balls than him. At this point give it up; we all appreciate what you have done for this country.

Just stop the lies and hypocrisy!!!

As always….
If there is something to be said, “Its On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!