Takeover Thursdays – Who the HELL is Alvin Greene???


Alvin Greene could possibly be one of the greatest rags to riches stories of all-time!!

If you don’t know who Alvin Greene is don’t worry; no one knows who this kat is? That includes Democrats who voted for him the South Carolina Democratic Primary. Apparently Greene can run a better campaign that President Obama. While Obama had to raise millions of dollars to campaign; this dude Greene spent virtually NO MONEY in winning the primary in South Carolina. This kat ran a campaign with limited funds, no website, and no campaign posters/signs. Some how an out of work military veteran was able to pay a $10,440 filing fee required to run for office in South Carolina. Greene claims the money is from money he saved from his military pay; this would be believable except that he is currently using a public defender in his obscenity case. That’s right we could add possible jail time to his outstanding “Political Resume”; lol!

As I was saying, In South Carolina for you to be eligible for a public defender you have to prove you have no money, I doubt this dude has any secret Cayman Island/Swiss bank accounts where he is hiding his secret stash. I’m not trying to be a hater, but this just doesn’t add up.

At this point Alvin Greene’s story is more fiction than Eddie Murphy’s movie “Distinguished Gentlemen”; I don’t even think Hollywood could make up a story as sensational as this one.

Of course to add to the drama there are several conspiracy theories as to how this happened; some have said that since Greene and his opponent in the primary Vic Rawl are unknowns that voters simply selected the first name they saw (Which was Greene). Others have speculated that the large African-American population in South Carolina may have thought that Alvin Greene was the legendary singer Al Green running for office. WTH, I mean that last theory gives Black people NO CREDIT at all.

Other than the theory that voters simply picked the first name they saw on ballot; the only other theory that is plausible but just a bit of a stretch in my mind was the one offered by House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC). He believes Greene is a plant from the Republican party. The belief is that Republicans would want to have the weakest candidate possible to face incumbent Jim Demint. Clyburn case would be more believable if there was a strong Democrat in the running. In this case Vic Rawl is far from being a strong candidate! By the way, This is not the first time Clyburn has accused Republicans of foul play in South Carolina elections. To be fair to Greene, Clyburn has no real evidence.

In the next couple of days we will see if Greene will be the representative for the Democrats in November. Leaders within the Democratic party have asked for an investigation into Greene’s eligiblity as a candidate. It’s time for Alvin Greene to step and clearly answer simple questions about his campaign. For example, Where the hell did a broke military vet get $10,000 from?

Actually I am quietly rooting for the guy; if this kat can get 50% of the vote in a primary…

I know I got a shot in politics, HAHA!!!

As always….
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