F-A-Natic Fridays – Rand Paul


Are we really on the verge of a political revolution? Is our current political systems so screwed up that someone like Rand Paul could be the next political superstar? Personally I don’t believe we will suddenly see the fall of the 2 party system in the near future, but if we are not careful the radical aspects of both Republicans and Democrats will become dangerous influences within the parties.

In the case of Rand Paul he is a Libertarian with strong ties to the Tea Party Movement; officially he is a Republican.

So what exactly is a Libertarian?

Libertarians are committed to the belief that individuals, and not states or groups of any other kind, are both ontologically and normatively primary; that individuals have rights against certain kinds of forcible interference on the part of others.

Basically, Libertarians believe we the people would be much better off with less government in our lives.

So what would our society look like with less government? Would life really be that much better?

Well according to Rand Paul YES!

For some reason Rand Paul has a tremendous amount of faith in that society and natural progression will always fix what is wrong in the world. For example, Rand Paul supports the Civil Rights of every man, woman and child. He has said no one should be treated differently because of the color of their skin. He agrees with the Civil Rights Act on almost all points except for one part…

Title II of the Civil Rights Act made it a crime for private businesses to discriminate against customers on the basis of race. Paul explained that had he been in office during debate of bill, he would have tried to change the legislation. He said that it stifled first amendment rights.

In my opinion this is where being a Libertarian goes too far! Government stepped in to right a terrible wrong in our society. At the time society was not moving fast enough to abolish segregation; the government rightfully stepped in. Can you imagine if we waited for society to finally realize the wrongs of racism?

So now Rand Paul is a victim of his beliefs. He is now a player on the national stage as he prepares for the November elections. This country is not as conservative as he thinks it is. After making his remarks about the Civil Rights Act Paul was widely criticized. It was so bad he cancelled an appearance on Meet The Press.

So what happened to the Rand Paul from primary night that boldly stated the Tea Party was going to take back their government? You can’t fall back now, because you got slapped around by Rachel Maddow, HAHA!!!

At the end of the day he may win the Senate seat for Kentucky, but I predict he will not have much of an impact on the national scene. For the most we are a moderate society and this is what Libertarians like Paul have to understand.

There is a reason why we have government agencies like the Federal Avaition Administration and the Food Drug Administration. I like the idea that there are rules that pilots can only fly a certain amount of hours and that the government demands there are warning labels on drugs.

Rand Paul your too far left; come back to reality!!

As always….
If there is something to be said, “Its On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!