Talking Points Tuesday – The Past is the Past…

Life is full of learning experiences and here is I had to be reminded of….

Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl but girl is already involved. Usually at that point boy would chalk it up to bad timing and move on; except this was different. Boy runs into girl everywhere; It didn’t help that boy and girl shared friends.

Eventually boy and girl exchange numbers but it’s strictly as friends; boy fully respects all relationships (believes in karma) so boy keeps feelings in check while being a friend to girl. In being friends, they begin to speak to each other daily. Conversations between the two range between what their respective days were about and what clothes they wore that day. Then conversations begin to go deeper as girl reveals her “Situation” is not going very well; she can’t trust her situation. Boy struggles with hopes girl relationship falls apart so that he can make his move. At the same time he wants to be there as a true friend to her; so in being a “Good” friend he suppress his feelings and supports girl while she works through her “Situation”.

No matter how much support boy gives girl her “Situation” continues to deteriorate and boy finally over comes his shyness and lets girl know his true feelings. Boy is pleased as girl reciprocates feelings; boy and girl finally “Break Lamps” (@BlkSportsOnline). All is right in boy’s world until girl reveals she is going back to her “Situation”.


Needless to say boy is devastated; but girl remains in contact with boy. Even though girl is in “Situation” she cannot forget about boy, but he is already emotionally burned by girl keeps his distance. Until one day girl traps boy and purges her heart to boy; she is fearful of leaving her “Situation” but finally gives into her heart.


The two date for 2 years and everything is great… At least it was until girl receives job offer that she cannot refuse; the problem it is in another state. Being the logical people they are boy and girl rationalize a mutual breakup, but is it really mutual??

Over the next couple of years boy and girl stay in contact with each other and eventually date other people, but their feelings for each other never truly fade as they agree to never discuss the relationships they are in.

One day girl calls boy to tell him she will be interviewing for her dream job, and if all goes well she will be moving back to his city. Boy can’t help but be a little excited about this scenario, over the years boy has dated several women but none have ever matched girl. He begins to wonder if they could ever rekindle those old feelings, in boy’s mind he thinks; Why not?

Girl arrives in town and interviews for job; she is confident. So confident she wants to celebrate with boy with a night on the town… Boy sets it out for girl and everything is great, at least it seemed that way.

Girl phone rings and she is excited to take the call, boy is curious who is calling this late what would have girl so excited? Mom, Dad??

Then girl says, “Hey Baby…”

Everything from that point on is blurry for boy, but unlike that day when girl told boy she was going back to her “Situation” he is not devastated but he is at ease. It was at that moment that boy realized, “The Past is The Past”. Boy and Girl are still good friends but contact between each other is less frequent. For boy thoughts of girl is also less frequent, except for when he catches glimpses of girl on TV or during the occasional cab ride. It’s only then when boy thinks, “Is the Past truly the Past??”

As always….
If there is something to be said, “Its On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!


  1. Kevie Kev · June 27, 2010

    Great story and even better recount. The part when things got “blurry” – yeah been in a convo like that before, props for keeping your cool!


    • bbroadway · June 28, 2010

      HAHA!!! I appreciate that, it was actually pretty easy to keep my cool. There was nothing to to do but sit there and take it, lol. Thanks for the comments!


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