Keith Bulluck starting to set tone…

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NY Giants’ fans will learn quickly that Keith Bulluck is a born leader who will never shy away from a challenge. With his presence he brings a bit of Swagger that has been lacking from the Giants since the retirement of Michael Strahan. He knows the game and understands that you cannot BS Giants fans. So when he tells Pro Football Talk that it would be ‘Absurd’ to over look the Giants he means it.

The only thing left to complete this return home is for Bulluck to retain his number 53. No disrespect Dillard (rookie) but you will have to find another number; 10 yr veteran > rookie!

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Keith Bulluck aka Mr Monday Night signs with the NY Giants

Keith Bulluck (linebacker) formerly of the Tennessee Titans will be joining the NY Giants this season; the signing of Bulluck adds the veteran leadership that was lacking in the Giants linebacker group. In Bulluck the Giants are getting an every down linebacker that can stop the run and defend the pass; just ask Dustin Keller as Bulluck locked him down last year when the Titans came to NY to play the NY Jets.

Since the retirement of Antonio Pierce the Giants lacked a leader with experience on defense; Keith Bulluck instantly fills that need with 10 years of experience. Bulluck is one of the most underrated linebackers in the league; he has quietly put together a strong resume that has not been seen in NYC since the days of Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks and Harry Carson. Speaking of Harry Carson there is no better player than Keith Bulluck that is worthy of wearing the #53 for the NY Giants.

As for his knee; Bulluck has fully recovered from the ACL tear he suffered late last year; he is fully confident that the knee is where it needs to be. Throughout his career Bulluck has been a mainstay in the starting lineup and there is no reason to believe that he will not return to that level of play that made him a Pro-Bowl linebacker.

Last but least it is unfortunate that Bulluck was not able to finish his career with the Titans; the fairy tale ending would have been Keith Bulluck finishing his career in Nashville. This is business and the Titans chose to go in a different direction; personally speaking much respect to the city of Nashville and all of the Titans fans!!

Overall good move by the G-men; the defense will be looking to bounce back from last years disappointing season. The signing of Antrel Rolle and now Bulluck is a step in the right direction. The pressure is on this year for the Giants as the NY Jets made a lot of moves in an attempt to become the top dawg in NY; the pressure is on and I can’t wait for the season to start.

Checkout Tom Friend’s story on Keith Bulluck;

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Shirley Sherrod would like to talk to Pres Obama

As I stated in my last posting WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Shame on the Obama Administration; President Obama should speak with Shirley Sherrod one-on-one and apologize for everything that has happened this week. Don’t get me wrong the apologies by Tom Vilsack (Head of USDA) and Robert Gibbs (Press Secretary) were appropriate, but when you have someone from the USDA telling Sherrod she had to resign immediately to avoid having Glenn Beck aka NUTBAG reporting on the story.  It says a lot about the sensitivity aka ‘Bitchassness’ in the White House; not necessarily calling out President Obama but I think this administration at times pays too much attention to Conservative talk Radio and FOX News.

On NBC’s Today Show Sherrod said she didn’t expect an apology from the president but she would like to talk to him “about the experiences of people like me, at the grassroots level,” she added “Let me help him a little bit.”

Mark Knoller noted this morning that the White House is considering whether Pres. Obama should call Sherrod to apologize.  Knoller believes the president will call Sherrod to personally apologize.

Sherrod also talked about the new job offer from Tom Vilsack; the new job is with the Office of Outreach and would involve dealing with discrimination within the USDA.

Sherrod stated she is reviewing the job offer but  “would not want to be that individual that … everyone is looking to solve the issue of racism in the USDA.”

She would not rule out taking the job before having a chance to review the complete job description.

In all honest I don’t blame her for hesitating in taking this job as it looks like she would become the poster child for fighting discrimination.

Side note, if Sherrod doesn’t take the job let’s hope she doesn’t collect some kind of unemployment benefits.  I can see Republicans (Glenn Beck) jumping on the idea that she had an opportunity to have a job and turned it down; as crazy as it sounds I’m just saying…

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WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Shame on the Obama Administration….

In the unfortunate situation concerning Shirley Sherrod there are plenty of villains to share the responsibility of this woman losing her job at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA); Andrew Breitbart, Ben Jealous/NAACP, FOX News, USDA/Tom Vilsack, and the Obama Administration.

If you’re not familiar with the Shirley Sherrod story here is a quick recap:

After the NAACP released a declaration calling for the Tea Party to denounce the racism that has been present at their events.  Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart decided he wanted to show that the NAACP was just as guilty of having racism present at their events.  Breitbart posted a video from on his blog showing Shirley Sherrod at a NAACP event telling a story about how she once dealt with a White farmer who was looking for help in saving his farm from foreclosure.  In the video Sherrod talks about the White farmer talking down to her and how she took him to a White lawyer (one of his kind) to help him.

“You know, the first time I was faced with helping a white farmer save his farm. He took a long time talking but he was trying to show me he was superior to me. I know what he was doing. But he had come to me for help. What he didn’t know, while he was taking all that time trying to show me he was superior to me, was I was trying to decide just how much help I was going to give him.”

“I was struggling with the fact that so many black people had lost their farmland. And here I was faced with having to help a white person save their land, so I didn’t give him the full force of what I could do.”

“So I took him to a white lawyer that had attended some of the training that we had provided because Chapter 12 bankruptcy had just been enacted for the family farm. So I figured if I take him to one of them, that his own kind would take care of him.”

The video spread like wildfire amongst Conservatives as FOX News pushed the story non-stop stating that a USDA official (Sherrod) was caught on tape using her power in the USDA to with-hold assistance to a farmer because he is White.  With the video going viral the NAACP and Ben Jealous jumped in and decided they had to act quickly and denounce the statements on the video from Sherrod.  Finally Tom Vilsack head of the USDA issued the state that Shirley Sherrod has submitted her resignation and that he has accepted it.  He also expressed how the USDA could not tolerate Sherrod’s actions especially in light of the departments controversial past with Black farmers.

Pretty much a straight forward case of racism, right????

Not exactly, hours after Breitbart released the video the truth about the video started to come to light.  Apparently the video that Breitbart release was on a partial video; what Brietbart failed to show was that the story Sherrod was telling was about a woman who had evolved.  In the unedited version of the video Sherrod explains that she learned from the incident.  She realized that it was not about race; not about Black or White but about poverty.  She stated that she worked hard to save the White farmer’s land…

“Working with him made me see that it’s really about those who have versus those who haven’t. They could be black, they could be white, they could be Hispanic. And it made me realize then that I needed to help poor people – those who don’t have access the way others have.”

Of course when it was realized there was rush to judgment; everyone responsible for Sherrod losing her job issued statements of regrets and apologies.

  1. Andrew Breitbart said he never meant for Sherrod to lose her job, he was only trying to focus on the NAACP
  2. The NAACP/Ben Jealous apologized but offered a lame excuse as to why they would denounce Sherrod without having all the information.  They stated at times they are forced to respond to situations like this faster than they would like and that they were ‘Snookered’ by the edited video.  That is complete Bullshit as the NAACP waited an entire year before issuing a statement against racism in the Tea Party movement; they explained in that situation that they wanted to make sure they had all the evidence.  If that was the case, what makes Sherrod situation any different?  In my opinion the NAACP was feeling themselves as they had a successful week in calling out the Tea Party.
  3. Head of the USDA Tom Vilsack apologized and stated the decision to ask for Sherrod’s resignation was his decision and not the White House’s (YEAH RIGHT).  He also offered Sherrod’s job back to hr if she wanted it (she is thinking about it), he also admitted that he made his initial decision based off of limited information.
  4. FOX News simply shifts the focus from Sherrod to the Obama Administration once they found the video was edited.
  5. Robert Gibbs issued an apology on behalf of the White House stating that everyone involved rushed to judgment without all the facts.  Also stated the decision to ask for Sherrod’s resignation was done before the president was informed.

As I stated in the beginning, everyone shares the blame in Sherrod losing her job.  In my opinion the majority of the blame belongs to President Obama and his administration; I say this because ultimately the captain is responsible for the ship.  Say what you want about Breitbart, and FOX News; yes they pushed a false story but is that REALLY a shocker when it comes to fringe element of the Right-Wing?  The reason why this situation became a story was because of the reaction by the USDA and Tom Vilsack.  Sherrod stated that she was told that she had told resign quickly before this became a story for Glenn Beck to report on.


So now this administration is scared of a NUTBAG like Beck??  Some will say well Vilsack made the call to ask for Sherrod’s resignation and that is correct, but you best believe that the White House recent troubles with FOX News concerning the New Black Panther Party had something to do with his decision.  Time and time again this year the White House has had confrontations with FOX News and ultimately at the end of the day the White House desire to go head to head with FOX lead to the USDA not wanting to give Beck the extra ammunition to attack a sensitive White House.  It’s not like Tom Vilsack is not an experienced leader as he was the Governor of Iowa; there is no reason why a proper investigation wasn’t done before a decision was made.  Vilsack’s handling of Sherrod is a reflection of the Obama Administration, the president has to step up and make sure the message is clear to everyone that behavior like this is not tolerated.

I remember back in 2009 when President Obama snapped at Ed Henry for criticizing how quickly he responded to an issue…

Where is that President Obama?  Where is that patience in handling an issue and making sure you get it right?  Shame on the Obama Administration for falling into the trap of FOX News and reacting based off of emotions; like Keith Olbermann I think President Obama owes Shirley Sherrod an apology.  It’s not good enough that Press Secretary Robert Gibbs apologized,

Shirley Sherrod should be hearing the apology from the President!

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Talking Points Tuesdays – 2.5 Million without Unemployment Benefits

On June 21st I wrote about the stalemate between the Republican and Democrats concerning the extension of Unemployment Benefits and adding potentially $33 billion to the National Debt; Militant Mondays – What Happened to PAYGO. My concerned back then was the spending ways of this government; and that eventually we as a nation have to pay attention to how we spend money. Even though adding $33 Billion is relatively a small amount compared to other government spending, I felt that Congress had to make sure they exhausted all viable possibilities in paying for this extension. I felt that the gov’t should follow the PAYGO rules that the Democrats championed.

Since then my stance has slightly changed as more information concerning how PAYGO works, past history and the alternatives being offered by Republicans.

  1. PAYGO – Is the practice of financing expenditures with funds that are currently available rather than borrowed.  In the case of paying for the extension of Unemployment Benefits this is considered “Emergency Spending” and PAYGO rules do not apply.
  2. Past History – Since 1950 we have extended Unemployment Benefits in every Recession except one.
  3. Republican Alternatives – Use TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) money to help fund the $33 Billion needed for Unemployment Benefits.  Under current law TARP funds can only be used to pay against the National Debt; there would have to be a change in the law.  Also keep in mind when it was suggested earlier this year to use TARP money to fund a jobs bill; Republicans immediately shot that idea down without hesitation noting that TARP money should only be used to pay down the debt.

Deficit hawks have also stated that not extending Unemployment Benefits could cause more harm to the economy as the money spent on Unemployment Benefits as that money would be used by the unemployed and put back into the economy immediately.

All of the above factors helped change my mind; initially I felt that sooner or later we will have to make tough decisions in order to put this country in the right direction.  I don’t care if good ideas are from Republicans or Democrats; I just care about GOOD IDEAS! With that said I can tell you without a doubt that Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind) thoughts on how we should treat Unemployment Benefits is NOT a good idea. Recently Mike Pence was asked by Fox’s Wallace about the Republicans’ argument that the unemployment benefits be “paid for” — but why not also “pay for” a reauthorization of the tax cuts, which will cost $678 billion?

Pence responded:

“The point is we’ve got to get this economy moving again and we can’t go back to the tax-and-spend policies of the Democrats or the tax-cut-and-spend policies of the prior administration.”

Many economist agree that Bush’s tax cut during his administration did not generate the economic growth they expected; so when you look at which could possibly have a worse impact on our National Debt.  I’m pretty sure helping the rich and adding $678 Billion to the debt can cause a tad more harm than adding $33 Billion to the debt and helping relieve the struggles of 2.5 Million people without unemployment.

It boggles the mind how Republicans can say with a straight face that we should “pay for” extending unemployment benefits but hey it’s cool that wealthy Americans should get a tax break that doesn’t have to be paid.

Maybe it’s me, Michelle Bachmann can you help me to better understand this concept?

See video:

Correction Michelle Bachmann, Congress did cut budgets so that the majority of the extension of unemployment benefits will be paid for.  Also as I stated earlier the exception to PAYGO is emergency spending.  Extending unemployment benefits has always been considered emergency spending.

Bachmann stated she wanted President Obama to “Cut the dramatic government spending…”; Which seems to be more dramatic $33 Billion or $678 Billion?

Update 7/20/2010:
With a 60-40 vote, the Republican filibuster was ended; setting up a potential final vote on the measure later Tuesday. The legislation would then have to return to the House for approval.

The roughly $33 billion cost of the plan will be paid for by new borrowing.

Democrats were able to reach the crucial 60-vote supermajority to overcome Republican filibuster only after Sen. Carte Goodwin (D., W.V.) was sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden a few minutes before the vote. Mr. Goodwin succeeds Sen. Robert Byrd (D., W.V.), who died in June.

Update 7/22/2010:

Mark Knoller reports that House votes final passage to unemployment benefits 272 to 152.  President Obama will sign as soon as bill reaches White House.

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Militant Mondays – Mark Williams and Tea Party Express expelled…

As I stated in my previous blog Say something Tea Party…. it was time for the Tea Party to stand up and denounce the racism that seems to plague their movement. I called on the likes of Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, and Sharron Angle to step up and be REAL leaders; if the Tea party wanted to be taken seriously they would have separate themselves from the likes of Mark Williams and his satirical “open letter”.

Well, it wasn’t one of the high-profile Tea Party supporters but the Tea Party Federation decided to take matters in their own hands. When the Mark Williams organized Tea Party Express decided that they were going to back Mr. Williams and his comments the Tea Party Federation made the decision to expel the Tea Party Express from the membership of the overall Tea Party Federation.

I applaud the move by the Tea Party Federation and I hope this is a step in the right direction; the right direction being where the focus is on policies and not on race or birther nonsense. As you will view in the video clip below we still have a long way to go…

Hmmmmm, “clearly offensive” but not “clearly racist”

Since the Tea Party Express expulsion from the Tea Party Federation 2 candidates have moved towards distancing themselves from the Tea Party Express; Sharron Angle and Walt Minnick. Only time will tell what will happen to the Tea Party Express; Sarah Palin still has not denounced the Tea Party Express. I would not be shocked if the Tea Party Express becomes some sort of martyr as a result of all of this, especially if Palin and Bachmann continue to show their support.

Lastly for whatever reason David Webb seemed to go out of his way to avoid the interviewers question about the Mark Williams’ comments offending him as an African-American; why the stutter/stammer??

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