F-A-Natic Fridays – New Black Panthers vs FOX News

For those of you not familiar with the case; during the 2008 November Elections 2 members of the New Black Panther Party (wearing military gear) (NBPP) were accused of Voter Intimidation outside of a Polling Place in Philadelphia. One member of the group was carrying a nightstick; the 2 men were allegedly caught on video trying to intimidate voters from voting.

There are several videos on you-tube of the 2 men wearing all black standing in front of the polling place. You can clearly see that one guy is carrying a nightstick, what is not clear by any of the videos taken is clear-cut voter intimidation or the act of preventing voters from voting.

In this next video there are accusations of voter intimidation but no real evidence:

In this last video you can actually hear a woman in the background say the 2 men have not stopped anyone from voting:

As a result of this incident an investigation was conducted by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) it was determined that the facts did not constitute a prosecutable violation of the Voting Rights Act. On January 7th, 2009 the DOJ filed a civil action suit, seeking injunctive and declaratory relief under 11(b) against four defendants (2 men at the polling place and the organization New Black Panther Party).

Section 11(b) does not authorize any other kinds of relief, such as criminal penalties, monetary damages, or civil penalties.

After further investigation by the DOJ it was determined that there was not enough evidence to show there was a nation wide attempt to intimidate voters. That meant that there was no evidence to hold the New Black Panther Party responsible for the actions of the 2 men at the Philadelphia polling place. The ONLY evidence that was substantial was pertaining to the on guy holding a nightstick in front of the polling place. That person is prohibited from displaying a weapon within 100 feet of an open polling place on any Election Day in the City of Philadelphia or from otherwise violating Section 11(b).

In no way am I defending the actions of the men from the New Black Panther Party involved in this incident. There is no place for racial epitaphs in any situation, but with no evidence of actually voter intimidation I don’t believe there is much more that could have been be done. Basically, no evidence no case!

Unfortunately FOX News is trying to make a story where there is no story! FOX News has accused the Liberal media of purposely not reporting on this case to protect the President and his administration. FOX is relying on a wanna be “whistle-blower” J Christian Adams who used to work for the DOJ. With no evidence Mr. Adams has accused the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ of only wanting to pursue Civil Rights cases where minorities are the victims.

So with no evidence FOX News wants the mainstream media to chase this story; sorry FOX but REAL reporting uses facts and not the BS spewed by the likes of Hannity, and Beck.

Folks don’t believe the hype!!!

There is no evidence to show that Eric Holder or President Obama pushed to have charges dropped against the New Black Panther Party. No there was no Blacks looking out for Blacks moment here; all you have to do is research the incident and read the timeline of events.


There is no need for FOX News to try to stir up the masses; I don’t mind FOX News disagreeing with the President on his policies or his actions. Trying to make something out of nothing is unnecessary; back in 2006 the DOJ during the Bush Administration investigated a similar case in Arizona. On May 14th, 2010 Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez testified:

The DOJ “declined to bring any action for alleged voter intimidation” “when three well-known anti-immigrant advocates affiliated with the Minutemen, one of whom was carrying a gun, allegedly intimidated Latino voters at a polling place by approaching several persons, filming them, and advocating and printing voting materials in Spanish.”

I wonder if FOX News was as vocal in supporting those Latino voters????

As always….
If there is something to be said, “Its On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

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