K-Rod apologizes…

Francisco Rodriguez


This afternoon Francisco Rodriguez aka K-Rod apologized to the NY Mets and to his fans for his actions after Wednesday nights game.  After the Mets lost to the Colorado Rockies Wednesday night; K-Rod frustrated by lack of use in that game assaulted his girlfriend’s father (was previously reported his father-in-law).  K-Rod was charged with 3rd degree assault Thursday afternoon after spending the night in a holding cell; the NY Mets suspended Rodriguez for 2 games as a result of his actions.  

In his statement to the media K-Rod said he will be attending anger-managment counseling…  

“First of all, I’m extremely sorry,” Rodriguez said. “I want to apologize to [owners] Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon and Mr. [Saul] Katz for the incident that happened Wednesday night. I want to apologize also to the Mets fans, to my teammates. I want to apologize, of course, to the front office for the embarrassing moment that I caused. I’m looking forward to being a better person.  

“Right now the plan is I’m going to be going to [an] anger management program. And I cannot be speak no farther about the legal stuff that we’re going through right now. I want to apologize. Sorry.” – via ESPN New York  

It remains to be seen what will the long-lasting effects of this incident; it’s just another chapter in a disappointing season for the NY Mets.  In my opinion the Mets are long over-due in firing Jerry Manuel; the team is barely responding to him and at this point any victories this team is able to attain will be due to players not wanting to be completely embarrassed game after game.  At times this year Manuel managerial decisions have cost the Mets wins; inexplicably Manuel did not go to K-Rod with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd.  In a critical game versus the Phillies on 8/7 Manuel used K-Rod for a 5 out save; there is no reason why Manuel could not have used Rodriguez for a 4 out save on Wednesday.   

To be fair Manuel is not the only reason why the Mets are struggling; but like they say you can’t fire all the players.  

One more thing to keep in mind, K-Rod is a highly volatile individual.  He is someone who rides on high emotions; would anger-managment counseling take away from K-Rods game?  Some players need that emotion to be effective; when K-Rod enters the game he walks a thin line with his emotions which made him a record breaking closer 

As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

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