Karlos Dansby says he’s the best…

Karlos Dansby


This offseason Karlos Dansby signed a 5 year $43 million dollar contract with the Miami Dolphins, so I guess in his mind he has 43 million reason why he is the best linebacker in the NFL.  On 8/13 it was reported by Pro Football Talk that Dansby told reporters he was “the best” when he was asked to rank himself.  There is nothing wrong with a little self-confidence but Dansby might be feeling himself a lil bit too much.  Not sure if he has forgotten about a few other linebackers in the NFL that might take an exception to his statement. 

DeMarcus Ware (Cowboys) might have something to say about Dansby’s self-appointed #1 status; Ware has had 4 consecutive seasons of double-digit sacks while anchoring the Dallas Cowboys’ defense.  Not only can Ware rush the passer but he has improved his run defense along with his coverage capabilities; he has made himself into a complete 3 down player. 

For Dansby to truly be “the best” he will have to put together more seasons like his last 2 seasons with the Cardinals; so calling yourself the best is easy while being the best means putting in the work not in the work not only during the season but in the offseason as well.  Being paid BIG money has a lot of responsibilities; that means Dansby will have to shed the label of not being a hard worker in the offseason and become the leader of that Dolphins’ defense.    

While Dansby proclaims to be the best, I guarantee the likes of Ware, James Harrison (Steelers), Patrick Willis (49ers), Brian Urlacher (Bears) and Keith Bulluck (Giants) are putting in that work necessary to be the best.  Keep an eye out especially for Urlacher and Bulluck; both veterans are coming off injuries and have something to prove.  Bulluck recently told the Newark Star-Ledger… 

He’s only inches away from making plays he used to make, Bulluck said of his surgically repaired knee right now: “It’s scary how good it feels.” 

Soon all the talking will be over and we will see who is “the best”! 

Linebacker – Top 10 according to ESPN’s Insider:

Linebacker – Top 10
1 DeMarcus Ware 94
2 James Harrison 93
3 Shawne Merriman 92
4 Patrick Willis 90
5 Karlos Dansby 86
6 Terrell Suggs 86
7 Lance Briggs 85
8 Jon Beason 85
9 Keith Bulluck 83
10 Brian Urlacher 82

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K-Rod apologizes…

Francisco Rodriguez


This afternoon Francisco Rodriguez aka K-Rod apologized to the NY Mets and to his fans for his actions after Wednesday nights game.  After the Mets lost to the Colorado Rockies Wednesday night; K-Rod frustrated by lack of use in that game assaulted his girlfriend’s father (was previously reported his father-in-law).  K-Rod was charged with 3rd degree assault Thursday afternoon after spending the night in a holding cell; the NY Mets suspended Rodriguez for 2 games as a result of his actions.  

In his statement to the media K-Rod said he will be attending anger-managment counseling…  

“First of all, I’m extremely sorry,” Rodriguez said. “I want to apologize to [owners] Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon and Mr. [Saul] Katz for the incident that happened Wednesday night. I want to apologize also to the Mets fans, to my teammates. I want to apologize, of course, to the front office for the embarrassing moment that I caused. I’m looking forward to being a better person.  

“Right now the plan is I’m going to be going to [an] anger management program. And I cannot be speak no farther about the legal stuff that we’re going through right now. I want to apologize. Sorry.” – via ESPN New York  

It remains to be seen what will the long-lasting effects of this incident; it’s just another chapter in a disappointing season for the NY Mets.  In my opinion the Mets are long over-due in firing Jerry Manuel; the team is barely responding to him and at this point any victories this team is able to attain will be due to players not wanting to be completely embarrassed game after game.  At times this year Manuel managerial decisions have cost the Mets wins; inexplicably Manuel did not go to K-Rod with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd.  In a critical game versus the Phillies on 8/7 Manuel used K-Rod for a 5 out save; there is no reason why Manuel could not have used Rodriguez for a 4 out save on Wednesday.   

To be fair Manuel is not the only reason why the Mets are struggling; but like they say you can’t fire all the players.  

One more thing to keep in mind, K-Rod is a highly volatile individual.  He is someone who rides on high emotions; would anger-managment counseling take away from K-Rods game?  Some players need that emotion to be effective; when K-Rod enters the game he walks a thin line with his emotions which made him a record breaking closer 

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NY Mets closer K-Rod attacks his father-in-law



 NY Mets highly emotional closer Frankie Rodriguez aka K-Rod has been charged with 3rd degree assault for attacking his father-in-law after the game in the family room at Citi Field (Mets home ballpark).  Sports New York (SNY) reporter Kevin Burkhardt has reported that after the game while reporters were interviewing players K-Rod became upset when a reporter asked if was available to pitch tonite.  K-Rod then yelled at reporters to “Get Away!” as he stormed off; a few minutes later Kevin Burkhardt tried to talk to K-Rod when he once again aggressively told reporters, “I didn’t pitch, why do I have to talk to you guys…”.  K-Rod then left the clubhouse and entered the family room where he reportedly attacked his father-in-law leaving him with bruises on his face.  K-Rod has been detained at Citi Field by the police while his father-in-law was taken to the hospital.  

K-Rod’s frustration comes from him not being used in tonight’s game against the Colorado Rockies.  With 2 outs and runners on 1st and 2nd in the top of the 8th inning; Mets winning 2-1 and in desperate need of victories.  Jerry Manuel (Mets manager) decided to not use K-Rod for the 4 out save; instead Manual with Manny Acosta who would then give up a Grand-Slam to former Met Melvin Mora.   

K-Rod has on more than one occasion has told the Mets coaching staff that he rather be over worked as he is more effective that way.  In a big game K-Rod wants to be on the field and these days every game is a big game for the Mets. The frustration that spilled over into the altercation with reporters and his father-in-law is without a doubt a result of how Jerry Manuel is using his closer.  In no way am I condoning K-Rod’s behavior; there is no reason to physically assault anyone because of what happened in a baseball game.  But for the SNY team (Kevin Burkhardt and Bobby Ojeda) to say that Jerry Manuel’s handling of this team and the K-Rod incident are unrelated has to be one of the dumbest statements I have heard.  Soon after making that statement Kevin Burkhardt then reports that there are Mets players who are unhappy with the way the is being run.  

Do me a favor Kevin its real simple; K-Rod is upset after the game because he feels he is not being properly used by the manager.  Then you report that players are not happy with the way the team is being run; again by the manager.    

Hello Captain Obvious it’s clear Jerry Manuel’s way of handling the team is affecting everyone!!!!  

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WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Charles Rangel, “I am not going away…”

Charles Rangel


In the next couple of days I hope Charles Rangel realizes the foolishness of his rant on the floor of the House of Representatives.  According to CBS News the House Ethics Committee have charged Rangel with allegedly inappropriately solicited donations for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at City College of New York, for errors and omissions on his financial disclosure forms, failing to report and pay taxes on rental income for a beach villa, and inappropriately allowed his campaign committees to use a rent subsided apartment. 

When Democrats took control of the House and Senate back in 2007; they took control of a House that was infested with corruption.  New Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made a promise to the American people that she would “Drain the Swamp” of corruption.  When you have a culture of corruption it is difficult to change that culture; especially if that culture has been around for 29 years.  Over time the act of bending rules and looking the other way can become 2nd nature and I believe this is the scenario that Mr. Rangel is caught up in.  In all honesty I don’t believe for a second that Rangel is the only congressman acting inappropriately; I just think he was caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.  What Rangel has to understand there is no easy transition from a corrupt culture; if you don’t go after all inappropriate activity you will never “Drain the Swamp”

On Tuesday Rangel’s frustration seemed to boil over as he took to the floor of the House and gave a rant defending himself against allegations.  Unfortunately Rangel decided he would use time set aside to discuss the $26.1 Billion State Aid Package that would save the jobs of over 100,000 teachers across the United States; to plead his case.  His rant reeks of desperation as he embarrasses himself; also I have no idea why anyone was clapping during this rant.  Oh yeah this was a 30 minute rant by Rangel 

I have no issue with Charles Rangel wanting to plead his case, but you cannot have an outburst like this during the debate of a bill that will save the jobs of teachers.  There is a time and place for this and on the floor of the House during discussion of legislation is not the time to plead your case for ethics violations.  Pull yourself together sir!! 


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Talking Points Tuesdays – Democrats need to get the RIGHT message out…

It’s time for the Democrats outside of the President to step to the forefront and start conveying the message needed to hold off a Republican takeover. Democrats are caught in a catch-22 right now as there best speaking voice happens to be an unpopular speaking voice; President Obama. Currently Democrats are trying to figure out the best way to use the President on the campaign trail; while the President received a raucous welcome at the University of Texas there was no sign of Democrat Bill White who is running for Governor of Texas. If Democrats want to hold onto control of the House (not likely) and Senate the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, and Barney Frank have to start putting their stamp on the message. Republicans like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are always in front of the cameras; I know this because their foolish comments are always great material for political satire for shows like The Daily Show, Countdown (Keith Olbermann) and The Rachel Maddow Show.

If the Democrats want to generate excitement they have start making their presence felt daily; I feel like the only consistent message I get from Democrats is from the White House, Robert Gibbs specifically. The message should be real simple for Democrats to voters; REPUBLICANS HAVE NO PLAN!!!!!

Well I shouldn’t say they have no plan; they have actually come together and agreed to say NO to anything Democrats want to do.  Even if that means making the less fortunate suffer; for example Republicans decided they could not support extending unemployment rates BUT they could support extending Bush Tax Cuts that only affect the top 2% in America.  And how do Republicans plan on paying for those Bush Tax cuts??? Well at first they said they shouldn’t have to be paid for as the tax cuts will generate growth.  That explanation was quickly dismissed by many economist including Conservative economist, so Republicans decided to ok lets float the idea of raising the retirement age…

WTF, so Republicans want hard-working middle/working class Americans to break their backs until they are 70 so that they could retire and earn social security.  The current early retirement age is now 62 for those wondering. 

Does this make any sense to anyone???

Does it make sense for working/middle class Americans to work longer so that the likes of Bill gates can get a tax cut??

This is what Democrats need to talk about, President Obama wants to continue giving 95% of Americans a tax break while Republicans would rather turn their back on the working/middle class!!

Other Talking Points Democrats need to focus on….

  • Republicans talk about supporting small business but they are blocking legislation that would help small business.  The Small Business Jobs Act would create a $30 billion fund for community banks to lend to small businesses. It would also increase limits on existing Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and give small businesses additional federal tax breaks.
  • Republicans tried to block the passage of $26.1 Billion State-Aid Package that would save the jobs of 161,000 teachers and 158,000 public works employees (cops, fire fighters etc..).  Republicans referred to teachers, cops and fire fighters as special interest groups.  The bill also helps states going broke to fund Medicaid.
  • Republicans wanted to protect BP; the company that caused the oil spill in the Gulf.  While Democrats wanted to raise the cap for damages from $75 million to an amount that would actually cover the cost.  $75 million is not nearly enough, but Republicans wanted to protect the Big Oil Companies.
  •  Republicans who run on the platform of repealing the 14th Amendment are insane, HA!!!!  Constitutional Amendments are very very difficult to pass; a perfect example of this is the Equal Rights Amendment aka ERA.  It was first proposed in 1923 to affirm that women and men have equal rights under the law; it is now 2010 and this is still not an amendment.  Any Republican pushing the idea of changing the constitution is a nutbag.

In my opinion if Democrats talk about these basic Talking Points no sane individual could possible support the current Republican agenda.  In all honesty it’s not like Democrats have it all figured out but at least I can see some kind of a plan.  Now if we can get Republicans (except Paul Ryan) away from just saying no and actually presenting some ideas then maybe we can start making real progress.

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Keith Bulluck making his presence felt at NY Giants Training Camp

On July 24th when it was announced (by yours truly) that Keith Bulluck was signing with the NY Giants, there were some doubts as to what Bulluck had left in the tank. Bulluck all along knew there was more than enough left in the tank and could not wait to show all the doubters they were wrong.

Adam Schefter of ESPN's NFL Live

One of those that reported on the doubters was Adam Schefter of ESPN….

“Teams aren’t sure he can play any more.” RT @espnnfl: New York Giants sign free-agent linebacker Keith Bulluck: http://es.pn/9CgPzq
4:58 PM Jul 24th via UberTwitter – via Adam Schefter Twitter

I found it a bit strange that Adam would be so negative, most reporting on the news of Bulluck signing talked about this being a good pickup by the Giants. Of course there were going to be some questions about Bulluck’s knee but it wasn’t as if he was at the level of seriousness of Wes Welker’s knee injury. As Giants Training Camp has progressed Bulluck has quieted the critics by doing what he has done the past 10 seasons. Even Adam Schefter had to give Bulluck his props after seeing him up close and live….

On the first play of his first day of practice with the Giants in a 9-on-7 drill, linebacker Keith Bulluck made his presence felt immediately. For starters, Bulluck was positioning the defense even though he never had played in it. Then he was the first defender to get to the football once it was snapped.

New York is counting on more of both from Bulluck — leadership and plays. When New York signed him last month, some wondered how much the 33-year-old linebacker had left, which might help to explain why Bulluck ran over to a reporter at the beginning of Saturday’s practice to say, “Got a lot left — and those other teams will see.” – Adam Schefter

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The Invention of Lying

Barack Obama

On August 4th the President celebrated his 49th birthday, well not everyone believed it was his birthday as Rush Limbaugh found time on his show to question…

“Tomorrow is Obama’s birthday, not that we’ve seen any proof of that… What? We haven’t seen any proof of that! They tell us August 4th is the birthday; we haven’t seen any proof of that! Sorry. It is what it is.”

Of course Rush tried to played it off as just being funny, but there is no joking when 41% of Republicans believe President Obama was “probably” or “definitely” born in another country. Republicans/Birthers/Tea Partiers have pushed this non-issue so much that people are actually believing it. I guess if you tell a lie long enough people will start believeing it; it reminds me of the movie “The Invention of Lying”. A comedy that was set in a world where no one has ever lied, until a writer seizes the opportunity for personal gain (via IMDB).

The extreme Right-Wing of the Republican definitely seized the opportunity for their personal gain with this lie. Where are the sane people? When did people start listening to nutbags?

To squash the foolishness Hawaii has posted Obama’s original birth certificate online. Clearly showing the raised seal for authenticity.

Of course this is still enough as Birthers have petitioned Hawaii to see the original. Hawaii state officials have denied the requests as they see no legitimate reason to fulfill such a request. Hawaii has done enough to show proof; we need to stop feeding the insanity!

Seriously, do the nutbags really think that there was a plot to takeover America that was started in 1960?

I know it all started in a smokey dark room where the Illuminati came together and put together a devious plan. A plan where they would fake the birth of a mixed breed child with a Muslim background. Then this child will grow into a man that will have a meteoric rise to stardom and become the leader of the most powerful nation!


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