Another Baseball Season Over for NY

Well NYC another baseball season is over with but those boys from the Bronx will not celebrating this year.  Sorry Jo Girardi no #28 this year, I guess you will have to keep that uniform # for one more year.  As a Mets fan I understand I really don’t have much to talk about since my squad was out of the playoff hunt by the 1st week after the All-Star break; but as a Yankee Hater watching the Texas Rangers take down the Skanks was very enjoyable.   

SoYankee fans come join me on the couch as WE sit back and enjoy the rest of the playoffs and World Series; make sure you bring plenty of popcorn.  Oh yeah leave Nick Swisher at home, no room for whining lil punks, HAHA!!

By the way you may have 27 rings, but for right now just know that NY Mets fans as well as Mr Met are loving this moment….

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Keith Bulluck returns to the field…

NY Giants LB Keith Bulluck

After a 3 week absence Keith Bulluck looks to make his return to the field against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.  Bulluck last saw game action when the Giants lost to the Titans.  In that game Bulluck suffered a turf toe injury; with Bulluck out of the lineup the Giants were able to post some impressive victories against the Bears and Texans.  What was most impressive about those victories was the play of the defense; the Giants seem to have come into their own as the defense has settled in nicely with Perry Fewell’ defensive scheme.

Fewell has incorporated a defensive scheme that adjusts depending on the team they are playing.  Against a pass happy offense the Giants run a nickel package that includes a 3rd Safety; this works out well for the Giants as they have 3 quality safeties in Antrel Rolle, Kenny Phillips, and Deion Grant.  Against teams who run the ball the Giants will go with the traditional setup of 3 linebackers.

And that is where Bulluck comes into the picture, the Bears and Lions predominantly throw the ball so Bulluck was not necessarily missed.  The time off allowed Bulluck to rest and make sure the toe was good for the stretch run.  The Giants will need Bulluck as they will begin to get into the part of their schedule where they will face teams with strong running games; Redskins, Vikings and the Cowboys.

Best believe Bulluck can’t wait to get back on the field; before his knee injury he never missed a game so not playing on Sundays is something he is not used to.  I expect Bulluck will look to make his presence felt against the Cowboys.  With the improved play of middle linebacker Goff the overall play of the linebackers will continue be on the rise.

When asked about the Dallas Cowboys Bulluck simply said, “I will be ready to play…”

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Talking Points Tuesdays – Christine O’Donnell Auto-Tune

Checkout everyone’s favorite Anti-Masturbation Witch; Christine O’Donnell:

This nutbag is running for the United States Senate seat in Delaware; I realize calling her a nutbag might be a little extreme but in this case it’s the only way I can describe Ms. O’Donnell.  She is pure comedy who has some how raised millions of dollars for her crazy campaign; what sane individual would send their hard-earned money to support this circus act??

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Minimum Wage

For the past couple of days the ridiculous notion of getting rid of the minimum wage has been floated by Senate candidates Linda McMahon (R-CT) and Joe Miller (R-AK). Some how setting a minimum wage is hurting businesses, stifling their growth so much that having a national standard of $7.25/hour is too much. According to the likes of McMahon and Miller it’s just another example of the federal government interfering in private business.

What world is McMahons and Miller living in?

What’s even more disturbing is that when asked recently about the minimum wage; Linda McMahon could not even tell reporters the federal or the state (CT) minimum wage level. I just don’t see how Republicans or Tea Party kats can say they are for the protection of the people when they float ideas of eliminating minimum wage. For the record in a recent debate Linda McMahon pulled a page out ofher old WWE wrestling handbook when she denied ever talking about eliminating minimum wage.

While I will argue with any Conservative that having a minimum wage is a good thing, I will hesitate in debating whether or not the minimum wage should be increased at this time. I believe having a minimum wage is protection for low skilled workers; overall I do not trust businesses to look out for employees. If that was the case business would not always look for cheap labor, I understand business wanting to make a profit but I ALSO understand fair wages for employees; there is a fair compromise we just have to find it.

As for hesitating in debating an increase to the minimum wage, well that is a little more difficult to defend. With the current state of the economy and the slow growth in job creation; it would not be wise to increase the minimum wage. Studies show that increasing the minimum wage can lead to less jobs being created as employers look to maximize profit. In a bad economy it would be difficult to ask a business owner to forget about profits and to thing about creating jobs; in my opinion it is just not a realistic thought. In a booming economy employers are more than willing to add employees as profit margins and demand increases.

If Republicans/Tea Party kats want to campaign on getting rid of the minimum wage go right ahead. LOL, it would be the dumbest thing they could ever do themselves. The smart thing to do is listen to Conservatives like Joe Scarborough; “Keep Calm and Carry On”! It’s very simple, control spending and focus on jobs, stay away from nutbags like Joe Miller and to a lil lesser extent Linda McMahon. Definitely stay away from Princess Nutbag Christine O’Donnell (Queen Nutbag = Sarah Palin), let me stop with all the nutbag talk…

What’s important here is that we focus on bringing this economy back. Cutting minimum wage is not the answer, let’s focus on better ways to help businesses and the people at the same time.

Here are a couple of ideas:
1. Responsibly cut payroll tax

2. Give companies tax exemptions for creating new jobs that hire the unemployed

3. Tax companies that sends jobs overseas. Currently there are a number of tax exemptions these companies receive

Republicans/Tea Party kats these are good ideas to float and support. By the way these are all ideas that Democrats have pushed.

Stop playing the political game and start doing what is right for every American!

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