Jimmy McMillan aka “The Rent is Too Damn High”, is at it again…

This past mid-term elections had to be one of the most entertaining elections of all time; in Delaware we had Christine O’Donnell aka “I’m not a Witch” running for United States Senate and not to be out done New York State had Jimmy McMillan aka “The Rent is Too Damn High”

Well wild man Jimmy McWilliams is at it again; “The Rent is Too Damn High” political party representative in the New York State Gubernatorial race has transitioned from campaigning to apparently R&B singer!  It seems like McMillan is making the transition similar to Al Green back in 1979 when Green went from R&B to Gospel singer.

When you think about it; why not? McWilliams has the look of an old school funk soul singer with that funky gray beard.  McMillan is getting the most out of his 15 minutes of fame as he was also a guest on Showtime’s Inside the NFL. No hate here; the brother needs to make money. As I hear it “The Rent is Too Damn High” for Jimmy and someone else is paying the rent!

So let’s just sit back and enjoy the smooth sounds of the incomparable Jimmy McMillan:


As always….
If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!



  1. me · November 16, 2010



  2. stacy · November 22, 2010

    great one


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