Shenehneh and Wanda Movie…

Shenenhneh and Wanda

As mentioned yesterday morning on Twitter Jamie Foxx announced on Star & Buc Wild’s Morning Show (The Beat of Philly 100.3) that he has worked with Martin Lawrence to write a script for a possible movie starring their well-known characters Shenenhneh and Wanda.  As a joke Jamie and Martin paired up to do a skit for the 2009 BET Awards where Shenenhneh and Wanda teamed up as bank robbers.  The skit was done as if it was a movie trailer for a new movie and was received well at the awards show.

Apparently the reception was so good that the creative juices for Jamie and Martin started flowing.  Foxx explained during the interview that he started talking to Martin about the idea of writing script and used the motivation that, “These White boys” like Zach Galifianakis are out here getting money…  For the record Foxx meant no harm in statement as he was laughing and all he was saying was that they needed to get back on the silly comedy tip and get some of the money that is out there.

It looks like Skank Robbers will be the title of the movie and I wish Jamie and Martin nothing but the best; no hate.  Hopefully Martin and Jamie can re-capture some of the comedic genius that made these characters household names back in the mid to late 90s.

I would not expect much from this movie, but if it can provide a couple of laughs for 90 minutes then so be it.  Now I will say that Martin Lawrence may need this film more than Jamie Foxx as Jamie has had continued success.  In contrast Martin has been a little more hit and miss with his joints; Rebound, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, College Road Trip to name a few.  Not asking for much from Martin so if we can at least get a glimpse of that funny kat in Black Knight I will be good (Don’t Judge Me, HAHA!!)

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