Talking Points Tuesdays – What’s the rush?

Lexington Ave Rush Hour

While on my morning commute I like to observe my fellow New Yorkers and their need for speed. There’s something very interesting about the organized confusion that we call morning rush hour. Usually you associate being in a hurry/rush with being late. Could it be that everyone that participates in the morning rush hour commute is running late?

Everyone can’t be late because it’s always the same people…

On the Metro North train that gets into Grand Central Station at 6:59am there is an older woman who positions herself to be the 1st person on the train running up the ramp to get to her destination.

Then there is the guy who make his way from the NYC Subway to the NJ Transit side of NYC Penn Station to catch the 7:14am train to Trenton.  There are days where you can see the utter disgrace this guy has for slow-moving people simply making their way to their destination.

Last but not least is the guy who runs from his building to the New Rochelle Metro North Station EVERY morning; is there really a need a to run every morning for the train??

I know this may seem like an exaggeration but I can tell you without a doubt that the last example I used in rushing is 100% true.  I know this one because the guy is me, HA!!

Yup, I am part of the rush hour crowd always in a hurry to get some where.  I stress every morning in trying to make my trains and connections so that I can get to work on time.  Each morning as I catch my breath from running so damn much I never seem to truly understand why this always happens; until this morning!  It’s very simple, I am always rushing as I try to maximize every moment.

What do I mean by “maximize every moment”?

Every morning I try to fit in the most sleep possible while not being late for work; knowing that I have to be out of the house by 6am there are times that I will sleep until 5:30 only giving myself 30 minutes to sh*t, shower, shave, iron and get dress.  As a result I am always running for my train hoping it has not arrived a minute early.

Of course anyone reading this will say there are a bunch of things I can do eliminate rushing in the morning:

  1. Go to sleep earlier
  2. Iron your clothes the night before
  3. Leave the house 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes before your scheduled train

All 3 points are valid but do they REALLY resolve my issue?

I say no…

Even if I did give myself more time to get ready I would fill-in that extra time with something else as I try to “maximize every moment”.  If I went to sleep earlier and ironed my clothes the night before I would just use that time to watch more ‘Morning Joe’ on MSNBC.  The key to all of this is understanding my need to do everything and the belief that since I am doing so much that it equates to accomplishing a lot.  When in actuality I am not being as productive as I can be; when you rush through tasks you will more than likely miss something.

For me it could be forgetting to mail that important letter or putting on deodorant (yes that has happened, BUT I buy some on my way to work and apply in the restroom). A friend once told me to focus on what is important and complete those tasks with full attention.  Is it important for me to catch every minute of ‘Morning Joe’?  No, my job has nothing to do with that morning show.  What’s important is that I get to work on time and not take so many chances on missing the train.

I bet a lot of people struggle with trying to of “maximize every moment” instead of maximizing IMPORTANT moments.  The same friend who told me to focus on what is important; said the best way to identify what is truly important is to ask yourself 1 question…

If you knew you only had a year to live; what are the things that are important to you that would need your attention?

Once I developed that list everything slow down for me as I began to focus on what was important instead of trying to do everything.  From time to time I will catch myself getting caught up in the hustle and bustle on NYC, but that’s when I take a step back and ask myself; “What’s the rush?”

So the question everyone should ask themselves is What’s the rush?

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

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