Bron Bron made Cavs fans once again WITNESS his greatness….

LeBron James

As we all know by now, LeBron James returned to Cleveland for the first game since last year’s embarrassing playoff performance.  There was much talk about the reception James would receive from the Cavs fans and for the most part they lived up to expectations.  All types of chants of “Scottie Pippen” and “Akron Hates You” rain down on the former King Cavalier.  With all the boos and jeers LeBron calmly knocked down his first jumper and from that point on the King once again ruled the court.

By the end of the 3rd quarter the occupants of the Quicken Loans Arena were all WITNESSES; the boos that were once defeating at the beginning of the game continued but at a much lower level.  As the Cavs played the role of court jester in King James Court I recalled comments made by Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith before the game; they made reference to that LeBron’s leaving Cavs for the Heat was basically a statement against his former Cavs teammates.  In simple terms, James was saying they were not good enough for him to win a championship.  I remember thinking that was a pretty harsh statement, but at the same time that it has some truth to it… also I was wondering how his ex mates felt about that.
By the end of the 3rd there was no doubt in my mind about Kenny and Charles statement; THE CAVS WERE NOT AND STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO HELP JAMES WIN!!!
It wasn’t just the bad play of the Cavs, because there is some talent on that team.  It was the poor attitudes those players took to the court; there is nothing wrong with players being friends off the court but when you are competing… all that friendship stuff is left in the locker room.  These kats on the Cavs have no heart, they let James come to their house and act like it was his crib and they were only renters.
If you’re a Cavs player how are you going to sit there and yuck it up with Bron during timeouts and free throws?  These bum ass player let Bron stand in front of their bench and chat them up.  At times Booby Gibson looked more like a fan than a ball player on a team getting their asses handed to them.  Cavs fans need to stop putting all the blame on James for not taking them to the promise land and they better look at them cornballs currently playing for them. 
Cavs players need to take a lesson from Joakim Noah; there is no way Noah would have taken that sh*t from James; he already let the King know he is not a servant in the King’s Court.  I hope Byron Scott will sit those players down and have a long conversation and let them know, at some point one of them kats should have stood up and told James to STFU and get away from their bench. 
And I refuse to give Mo Williams any respect for the cold shoulder he gave Bron during warmups…
Really Mo???  You did all that and tweeted all that trash before the game and turned around a laid an egg!  Plus Mo looked like a woman scorned, LOL!!!
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F-A-Nactic Fridays – Mariano Rivera signed… so what’s Jeter’s problem?

Mariano Rivera

Late last night news came in that Mariano Rivera and the NY Yankees have allegedly agreed to a 2 year deal for $30 million dollars at $15 million dollars per year.  The negotiations between Rivera and the Yankees have been in stark contrast to the soap opera affair that has been going on between Jeter and the Yankees.  Unlike Jeter there was an actual market for Rivera; and to Rivera’s credit he also made it known he wanted to remain a Yankee to close out his career.

So I ask what’s Derek Jeter’s problem.

Why can’t he and his agent get it together and hammer out a deal with the Yankees?

I’ll tell you why… Jeter needs to realize as far as the baseball free agent market goes, he is not a wanted commodity like Alex Rodriguez was a couple of years ago and Mariano Rivera is now!  Now there are a lot of Yankee fans and Mr. Jeter himself who would never admit it but it is what is. 

Nothing has been confirmed but Rivera was offered a deal for $17 million that forced the Yankees to act quickly and lockup the closer.  For the Yankee fans who want to criticize the Yanks for supposedly disrespecting Jeter aka “The Captain” check how the Yankees were originally offering Rivera a 1 year deal with an option for a 2nd year.  Because of the market for Rivera the 41-year-old closer was able to solidify a guaranteed 2nd year.  At $15 million a year Rivera will remain the highest paid reliever in baseball.

With all that said the Yankees as an organization are not completely innocent in the Jeter situation.  Brian Cashman is playing tough with Jeter as he seems to be trying to show this is his show to run and he is enjoying the leverage he has over Jeter.  Like Jeter Cashman also needs to take a step back and NOT embarrass “The Captain”.  From recent reports it sounds like that is exactly what the Yankees are doing.  If Jeter does not sign with the Yankees both sides will look bad.

So Jeter when the Yanks increase their initially offer of $15 million a year (total $45 million) to something like $20 million a year (increase in dollar amount not years); TAKE THE OFFER!!!

Jeter will end up being the 2nd highest paid shortstop behind Troy Tulowitzki (who recently inked an extension at $24 mil a year); That is more than a fair enough offer!!




Derek Jeter


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Middle Class Tax Cuts Pass in the House, but…

During the Lame Duck session of Congress Nancy Pelosi was able to pass Middle/Working Class tax cuts through the House of Representatives.  Officially 168 Republicans voted against permanently extending the tax cuts for the middle/working class; basically voting for a tax increase for the middle class!

This permanent Middle/Working class tax cut will be voted down in the Senate; the problem is that Democrats do not have the 60 votes necessary to protect this tax cut from a filibuster.  Harry Reid will bring this version of the tax cut and other versions up for tests votes to se which version of the legislation will garner the most votes. 

Here are some versions that will be brought up for test votes

  1. The House passed permanent middle/working class tax cuts for those who make less than or equal to $250,000
  2. Senator Schumer (D-NY) has proposed a middle/working  class tax cuts where the cap would be raised to $1 million dollars.  Meaning if you make less than or equal to $1 million you will receive a permanent tax cut.
  3. Senator McConnell (R-KY) make tax cuts for upper wealthy and middle/working class permanent
  4. Permanently pass middle/working class tax cuts and temporarily pass tax cuts for upper wealthy fo the next 2-3 years.

Senator Reid could bring this up for vote starting Friday; more than likely #4 will be the version that will receive the most votes.  In my opinion Sen. Schumer’s proposal is the most fair offer as it will not only give th middle/working class the tax cuts they so desperately need but it will also cover more people making up to $1 million dollars.  While at the same time still being fiscally responsible.

Unfortunately, Republicans will continue their obstruction ways… and they will continue this until they have enough votes to pass what they want.  Republicans will support permanently pass middle/working class tax cuts and temporarily pass tax cuts for upper wealthy fo the next 2-3 years.  In 2 years Republicans will then have another election to gain the necessary votes to permanently extend those temporary tax cuts.

With out of control debt there is only 1 solution to ensure another $700 Billion is not added to our already $13 trillion-dollar debt.  I think the president should take a stand and show everyone who’s the boss; let all the tax cuts expire, it would be a risky move on his part but it would be a position where he could stand and show he has the proverbial balls to make tough decisions that would start bringing down our debt.

I highly doubt he will do that…

Meanwhile here is video of Nancy Pelosi on the floor of the House talking about Middle Class Tax cuts:

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