Takeover Thursdays – Kanye West’s Monster Video

Ummmm, so Kanye’s Monster video is interesting to say the least.  If you can get past the first shot of Rick Ross sitting in a room full of models hanging from the ceiling then the scene of Kanye laying in the bed with 2 dead models should be no problem at all.  As usual Jay-Z delivers with his appearance , I try not to pay attention to the dead naked White girl on the couch…  You would think Ross, Kanye and Jay-Z would be a little nervous in this video with all these dead White women lying around them, HA!!

As for Nicki Minaj she stole the show and that is hard to say when you have Jay-Z in any song/video.  Having a Barbie Minaj tied up being circled and tormented by an Evil Nicki is GREAT; Evil Nicki performing the grimy hard lyrics and straddling Barbie Minaj was nicely done.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to see Evil Nicki in some black lace leggings showing her booty, LOL!!

Overall this is an interesting video, keep in mind this is not a finished product but I can’t imagine what they can add to the video.  If anything there might be some censorship with the hanging models; who knows how far Kanye can push the envelope with his dark side.

Kanye West

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!!

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