Militant Mondays – F@*K Donald Trump!!!

So The Donald is thinking about running for President in 2012; well I say F*@K The Donald!!

I could care less about that overrated pompous asshole and his bid for the Presidency; I hope he runs so that he can embarrass himself on the big stage.  Unlike many in our society I have no love for Donald Trump and his business ways.  I think the idea of him being capable of  getting this country through tough economics times is a bunch of BS; yes Trump has been successful but he has also been a failure…

  • Ran the USFL into ground
  • Filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1989
  • Trump Hotels files for Chapter 11 protection in 2004
  • Filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009
  • Deutsche Bank in 2008 noted in court that ‘Trump is no stranger to overdue debt’

There is no silver bullet in resolving this nations economic problems; anyone who talks about quick solutions is full of it and right that is all I am hearing from Trump.  He loves to talk about the Chinese and knowing how they operate; I guess a lot of that knowledge was gained while Trump had to sell many of his assets to Asian Developers.

With that said, Trump’s failures in business is not why I hate him…

My hatred for Trump goes back to 1989…  Back then times were rough in NYC, crime was a major problem and race relations in the city were tense and was heading for a major firestorm!

On April 19th 1989 Trisha Meili was brutally raped and beaten while jogging in Central Park; the city was outraged at the crime and the lack of safety in the city at that time.  Even as a kid I remember how intense the environment was.  Every where you turned there was mention about this case, back then Trisha name was never revealed as she was simply known as the Central Park Jogger; but the alleged attackers were  named and vilified as Savages!!!

I remember so many conversations between dad and his friends talking about how the case was BS and that the kids scared into confessing in the crime.  With all these questions in the air and no real evidence apparent (except that the kids were Black and Latino) people began calling for the Death Penalty… and guess who was the biggest fan for the death penalty back then?

The Donald!!!!

That’s right, old comb over himself took out full-page ads in the major New York City newspapers advocating the reinstatement of the death penalty.

Without having any evidence Trump recklessly incited more hate in the city at a time when cooler heads needed to prevail.  Forced confessions and violation of rights led to the conviction of five suspects;

All five were convicted in 1990. Four of the juveniles charged — Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, and Kharey Wise — officially confessed to the crime, and each implicated the others. A fifth suspect, Yusef Salaam, made verbal admissions, but refused to sign a confession or make one on videotape.  – New York Newsday

After spending years in jail and then having to register as sex offenders upon release the five were exonerated as a confession from Matias Reyes along with DNA evidence vacated their convictions.  Unfortunately for the five they can never regain their youth.

And then there is The Donald; you would think he would apologize for his role back in 1989.


In his usual pompous style Donald Trump has avoided the situation and has never publicly apologized to the five young men; and yet we allow rump to get away with this.

What if Trump was successful in his campaign to reinstate the death penalty?

His behavior during that time is just as appalling as Al Sharpton’s involvement in the Tawana Brawley case and Jesse Jackson’s “Hymietown” comment.  Except that we never hear about his dumbass behavior; in no way am I trying to defend Jesse or Al but just about EVERY time they show their face on the scene some Conservative bonehead has to mention those mishaps.  Meanwhile The Donald is remembered for his ridiculous hair and Celebrity Apprentice.

Well I will NEVER forget as I am sure those 5 young boys who grew up in jail will never forget!!!

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

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