Jenelle Evans aka Teen Mom in brutal catfight!!

I am not big on MTV’s reality show ‘Teen Mom 2’ but I just happen to catch the video of bad girl Teen Mom Jenelle Evans beating down on some chick name Britnay Truett.  19-year-old Jenelle puts in some work with this beat down; I haven’t seen something like this since 1986 when Andre Massy used to lay kids out on 223rd (Classic old school Broadway memory).

Apparently Jenelle was upset that Britnay was talking smack about Jenelle’s boyfriend hitting on her.

The first couple of times I watched this video I have to admit I was too busy saying “DAMN!!!” but after further review I started to notice how many people sat around watching this beat down take place.  It’s also said to see how it seems like Jenelle was pushed and being egged on by so-called friends to fight this chick Britnay.  I have been in Jenelle ‘s position and it is no fun, it’s the clearest example of peer pressure.

In no way am I excusing Jenelle’s behavior as there is something clearly wrong with this girl, BUT….

I can see how she is being manipulated.

“Get her Jenelle, Get her Jenelle… Get it Get it!!!!”

One last note on this, I haven’t seen some one wearing flip-flops handout a beat down like this ever!  Britnay may want to get her fight game up as everyone will be testing her.

Checkout TMZ for the best video of this fight:

Here is some grainy video of the fight:

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

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