Gwyneth ‘Rapping’ Paltrow

Heard about this Rapping Gwyneth Paltrow thing on the radio the other day so I had to look it up.  Who would have thought she would have been a big 90s Hip Hop fan let alone a fan of NWA.  I like how Paltrow clearly stated there is one word she would NOT say while reciting the lyrics for “Straight Outta Compton”, but we all know a young Gwyneth was spitting those lyrics n-word and all.  Now before anyone gets all upset I am not saying that to get at Paltrow just saying in general….

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Cornel West said WHAT???

It seems like this moment with Cornel West and Barack Obama hugging and sharing the same stage was so long ago!!!!

After reading the Chris Hedges’ article on Monday (May 16th) it will be a long time before these 2 are even in the same building.  Dr Cornel West is a respected soldier in the fight for Civil Rights and I mean Civil Rights for more than just Blacks; Dr West is a fighter for the poor.  It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are poor Dr West has fought for you.  He is the voice for a group that has no voice and I have ALWAYS loved and supported Dr West for his work.


After reading ‘The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic’, I have no words for Dr West.  Now, I wasn’t completely shocked when I heard that Dr West was criticizing President Obama; actually my 1st reaction was here we go again…

It is no secret that Dr West has had issues with the president (WTF/WTH – Dr. Cornel West and President Obama), but this latest attack is the most vicious attack of them all.  I have no issue with anyone criticizing the president’s policies but West has stepped over the line with the following statements.

Dr West refers to Obama as…

“a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.”

“I think my dear brother Barack Obama has a certain fear of free black men,” West says. “It’s understandable. As a young brother who grows up in a white context, brilliant African father, he’s always had to fear being a white man with black skin. All he has known culturally is white. He is just as human as I am, but that is his cultural formation. When he meets an independent black brother, it is frightening. And that’s true for a white brother. When you get a white brother who meets a free, independent black man, they got to be mature to really embrace fully what the brother is saying to them. It’s a tension, given the history. It can be overcome. Obama, coming out of Kansas influence, white, loving grandparents, coming out of Hawaii and Indonesia, when he meets these independent black folk who have a history of slavery, Jim Crow, Jane Crow and so on, he is very apprehensive.”

WOW…. Saying President Obama “has a certain fear of free black men…” is insane to me.  You have to ask yourself how is Dr West coming to this conclusion?

What would make someone say that Obama fears free black men?

Who are these free black men that Obama is fearful of??

Tavis Smiley and Cornel West????

Hmmmmm……  Maybe the picture is a little clearer now; Dr West and Tavis Smiley are close friends and as Melissa Harris-Perry points out in her rebuttal to Hedges’ article ‘Cornel West v. Barack Obama’; Dr West seems to have taken up for his good friend Tavis in carry a grudge against Obama (Tavis widely criticized Obama during the 2008 campaign for not attending his event “State of Black America’).

Dr West would like you to believe these are only criticisms of Barack Obama and that he has the right to do that; and because Obama is Black it doesn’t mean he can be excused from criticism from Blacks folks.  The problem here is that West is not launching criticisms against President Obama’s policies, this is a personal attack against Obama.  Dr West loves to talk about fighting for the poor and under-privileged and he will say the president has not done anything for those people.  Except for….

  • The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act; equalizing pay for men and women
  • Signed an act that reforms how criminal justice system goes after drug related crimes slanted towards minorities
  • Reformed the student loan process at the federal level; easing the burden off of the students who take out the loans
  • The Affordable Care Act; that will insure more people

As Melissa Harris-Perry stated on Ed Schultz show on MSNBC, Dr West is not being genuine in his critics; and that is disturbing!  Dr Cornel West has been there and done that when it comes to fighting for what’s right…

Unfortunately Dr West is on the wrong side of the fight this time!!!

Here is a link of Dr West and Melissa Harris-Perry on ‘The Ed Show’

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I whole heartedly agree with Melissa Harris-Perry in saying that Dr West comes off as being very petty; calling the 1st Black president a “Black Puppet” is just as

Final Words on Donald Trump…..

So we can finally put behind us the insanity of Donald Trump as he announced May 16th that he will not be running for president in 2012.


LOL, while many in the media stoke the fires of a possible Trump 2012 Campaign there was one political commentator who refused to buy the BS that is Donald Trump.  From the moment Trump opened his mouth about possibly running for President, Lawrence O’Donnell immediately sounded the BS alarm.  From day 1 O’Donnell stated Trump will not run for president, and that all this was about was Trump looking for attention!!

It’s moment like where O’Donnell shines…

Basically all the pundits should have known better than to give the Donald Trump for President story any legs!!!

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Dwight Gooden aka Dr K.

On Saturday May 14th, 2011 I was reminded of the no-hitter Dwight Gooden aka Dr K threw 16 years ago while pitching for the NY Yankees.  Yes, even as a Yankee I was still keeping tabs on Gooden.  Of course me being the Yankees Hater that I am the only Yankees’ games I would watch was when Dwight was pitching.  Now in 1996 Dwight was not the same pitcher he was back in the mid 80s, but every once in a while you would see a glimpse of the high rising fastball and the dominate curve ball aka ‘Lord Charles’ (nickname for Gooden’s 12-6 curve ball).

On May 14th, 1996 Dwight had it going once again and was on top of the world; it would be one of the last shining individual moments for Dr K.  So this past Saturday brought up a lot of great memories for me growing up in mid to late 80s as a Mets fan.

Dwight Gooden will always be 1 of my all-time favorite Mets; even though he has gone through some issues off the field I will always feel a connection to him. Growing up the only time you would catch me in the house was when Gooden was pitching; it didn’t matter if the game was on TV or if I had to listen to the game on the radio (before cable was in my neighborhood).  So it was only appropriate that my 1st baseball game took place 2 days after my birthday; the only reason I did not go on my birthday was because my dad wanted to wait until Dwight pitched.  It was a great day watching Doc Gooden  beat the hated Pittsburgh Pirates and what made the day even more memorable was Dwight (who loved hitting) hit his 1st major league homerun.  Of course in my book that was my birthday gift from Gooden, haha!!!

But as I mentioned earlier there was the good along with the bad when it comes to Dwight; there are few athletes that affect me outside of sports (Magic Johnson, and Alonzo Mourning).  Through the years when I would hear about Gooden getting into trouble it would be a sad moment; in all honesty it was like a family member disappointing me.

And like a family member you always find a reason to forgive them and hope to see them be good/great.  Hopefully there will be more good than bad moments for Dwight from this point on…

Happy Anniversary Dr K!!

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Big Oil crying for their Tax Subsidies….

5 Big Oil company executives sat in front of the Senate Finance Committee and tried to defend why they needed tax subsidies paid for by U.S. tax dollars.


The Oil and Gas industry is one of the most profitable business out there; while we all struggled through a recession (some may say depression) BIG OIL pulled in RECORD profits.  So why would they need any tax subsidies??

What incentive does the Oil Industry need to drill for oil?

WTH, when will the greed stop?!?  Yes, I am calling this straight up greed, I am all for free market and making money but NOT on my back!!  It just doesn’t make any sense, usually when you provide companies you are trying to provide an incentive for them to do business with you.  In this case there is no need for an incentive; there is nothing to fear with the oil companies.  Oil companies pay foreign nations a tax/royalties to drill in their waters, so why is the United States any different?

The answer… We are no different!

So on the eve of appearing in front of the Senate Finance Committee, Conocco Phillips put out a statement claiming that eliminating tax subsidies for Big Oil would be “Un-American”.  With all due respect Conocco Phillips, but GTFOH!!  That is the biggest bunch of BS I have ever heard.  Big Oil and their supporters (Republicans) like to argue that tax subsidies allow for oil companies to invest and create jobs in the United States; I would love to believe this but it is simply not true.  Rachel Maddow of MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ showed interesting statistics about big oil and what their record profits create:

Exxon-Mobile 2005-2008:

So with all the profits Exxon was making it looks like instead of creating jobs they went in the other direction and eliminated jobs.  Again for those who are a little bit slow; as Exxon-Mobile made money from 2005 to 2008 they decreased the number of employees they employed.  Ummm…. THAT’S NOT JOB CREATION!!!!!

The tax subsidies the oil companies receive every year goes towards equipment repairs and to help pay for their hauling needs; with all the money they are making I think oil companies can pay for their own repairs and hauling.  This is insane and has to stop, the tax subsidies going to BIG Oil can be better spent on education, infrastructure or maybe even our deficit.

Folks it is time for us to WAKE UP and keep the pressure on our Representatives and Senators to repeal the Oil Companies Tax Subsidies!

P.S. Keep an eye on gas prices now that there is a spotlight on taking away BIG Oil’s tax subsidies; I am thinking gas prices will go down so that we want talk about it silly old tax subsidies anymore.  They are banking on us just being happy to be paying lower gas prices.

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Bush, “Truly not concerned about Bin Laden…”

A couple of days ago I wrote about Condoleezza Rice nicely handling herself on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show and how it is vogue right now for Democrats to criticize the Bush Administration for not catching Osama Bin Laden.  I thought it was a bit over the top the way some Dems had looked at the capture and death of Bin Laden as purely an accomplishment for President Obama and failure for former President Bush.


I find it insulting that FOX News thinks they can just re-write history and act as if Bin Laden was always a major focus for them!!


On 3/13/2002 then Pres Bush minimized the influence of Bin Laden.  If you are going to applaud Pres Bush for building the foundation of intelligence gathering that ‘MAY’ have assisted the Obama Administration to find Bin Laden… THEN you also have to acknowledge that it was Pres Bush who  re-focused US interest from Afghanistan to Iraq.

In the next couple of days I will talk more about the silliness of FOX News coverage of the capture/killing of Osama Bin Laden!!

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Lawrence O’Donnell vs Condi Rice….

With the death of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) there is a renewed interest in looking at the Bush Administration and their policies after 9/11.  Since the death of OBL Democrats are taking the opportunity to point out that the Bush Administration failed to capture/kill OBL.  Dems are seizing what they believe is a chance to win political points with voters in showing the Democrats can be tough on terrorist.  Republicans over the past decade have always stated that Democrats are weak on the war on terror and that with a Democrat as president the U.S. will not be as safe.

Of course that is a silly notion….

One interview that basically sums up the week of Bush bashing would be the Condi Rice interview on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show ‘The Last Word’.  O’Donnell is a tough as he is passionate about his beliefs, but at the same time he is knowledgeable about the game of politics.  I have seen O’Donnell eat some guest alive with his interview style but Condi definitely held her own and she was prepared.

Regardless of what you think of Rice, you cannot deny that she is a tough/intelligent woman.  I may differ with Condi Rice on various issues as she is a Conservative (Moderate Republican), but I respect her knowledge of foreign affairs.  In this interview Rice defended her decisions, to be fair decisions were made based on the intelligence at the time.

“What you know today can affect what you do tomorrow, but what you know today cannot affect what you did yesterday” – Condoleeza Rice

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Now You Want to Be Tough on Jeter???

So I wake up this morning and I see that longtime Yankee fan Stephen A Smith, wants to be tough on Derek Jeter.


Now you wanna be tough on Jeter Stephen A?  Dawg, you’re LATE to the game.  Stephen A is criticizing Jeter for his lack of productivity so far this season; ummmm…. NEWS FLASH Stephen, Derek Jeter is 36 years old!!!  What about last season gave you the idea that Jeter was going to have a productive season in 2011?

I know I know, it’s still early in the season and Jeter could turn this round and I actually think he will.  I don’t believe Jeter will hit .300 but he could be a .275 – .280 hitter.

I guess what pisses me off about all this is that so-called sports reporter Stephen A Smith is trying to come across as being tough on Jeter.  In my opinion Stephen A. is being the ULTIMATE MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK!  It’s easy to criticize Jeter right NOW, his numbers are terrible (at least for Derek Jeter standards).  You’re not being “TOUGH” on Jeter your just being “Captain Obvious”.  Anyone watching a Yankee game could have told us that Jeter is struggling.  Stephen A. likes to yell and rant in interviews and on the radio and show he has the biggest mouth in the room.  How about you show us some creativity Stephen A and report something I didn’t already know.

Step ya game up bruh, I am sure ESPN is paying you a lot of money to be a lil more creative with your reporting.

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