Lawrence O’Donnell vs Condi Rice….

With the death of Osama Bin Laden (OBL) there is a renewed interest in looking at the Bush Administration and their policies after 9/11.  Since the death of OBL Democrats are taking the opportunity to point out that the Bush Administration failed to capture/kill OBL.  Dems are seizing what they believe is a chance to win political points with voters in showing the Democrats can be tough on terrorist.  Republicans over the past decade have always stated that Democrats are weak on the war on terror and that with a Democrat as president the U.S. will not be as safe.

Of course that is a silly notion….

One interview that basically sums up the week of Bush bashing would be the Condi Rice interview on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show ‘The Last Word’.  O’Donnell is a tough as he is passionate about his beliefs, but at the same time he is knowledgeable about the game of politics.  I have seen O’Donnell eat some guest alive with his interview style but Condi definitely held her own and she was prepared.

Regardless of what you think of Rice, you cannot deny that she is a tough/intelligent woman.  I may differ with Condi Rice on various issues as she is a Conservative (Moderate Republican), but I respect her knowledge of foreign affairs.  In this interview Rice defended her decisions, to be fair decisions were made based on the intelligence at the time.

“What you know today can affect what you do tomorrow, but what you know today cannot affect what you did yesterday” – Condoleeza Rice

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

Now You Want to Be Tough on Jeter???

So I wake up this morning and I see that longtime Yankee fan Stephen A Smith, wants to be tough on Derek Jeter.


Now you wanna be tough on Jeter Stephen A?  Dawg, you’re LATE to the game.  Stephen A is criticizing Jeter for his lack of productivity so far this season; ummmm…. NEWS FLASH Stephen, Derek Jeter is 36 years old!!!  What about last season gave you the idea that Jeter was going to have a productive season in 2011?

I know I know, it’s still early in the season and Jeter could turn this round and I actually think he will.  I don’t believe Jeter will hit .300 but he could be a .275 – .280 hitter.

I guess what pisses me off about all this is that so-called sports reporter Stephen A Smith is trying to come across as being tough on Jeter.  In my opinion Stephen A. is being the ULTIMATE MONDAY MORNING QUARTERBACK!  It’s easy to criticize Jeter right NOW, his numbers are terrible (at least for Derek Jeter standards).  You’re not being “TOUGH” on Jeter your just being “Captain Obvious”.  Anyone watching a Yankee game could have told us that Jeter is struggling.  Stephen A. likes to yell and rant in interviews and on the radio and show he has the biggest mouth in the room.  How about you show us some creativity Stephen A and report something I didn’t already know.

Step ya game up bruh, I am sure ESPN is paying you a lot of money to be a lil more creative with your reporting.

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!