Congressman refers to Pres Obama as “Tar Baby”

Republican Representative Doug Lamborn of Colorado just made a HUGE mistake; for whatever reason he decided that he would refer to President Obama as a ‘Tar Baby’….

“Even if some people say, ‘Well the Republicans should have done this or they should have done that,’ they will hold the president responsible. Now, I don’t even want to have to be associated with him. It’s like touching a tar baby and you get it, you’re stuck, and you’re a part of the problem now and you can’t get away,”

“I don’t want that to happen to us, but if it does or not, he’ll still get, properly so, the blame because his policies for four years will have failed the American people,” 

Of course the immediate thought is that Lamborn had a Freudian slip in describing the 1st Black President; but after further review you have to also understand the term Tar Baby.  In Uncle Remus stories Br’er Fox creates a Tar Baby doll to trap Br’er Rabbit; the story has been used to describe “Sticky Situations’.


Tar Baby also carries a negative connotation in the Black Community and Lamborn chose the wrong words; does that mean he is a racist??

At this point in reading the text I don’t believe Lamborn was being racist plus I don’t know anything about his past that could suggest racism.  It was a dumb-ass move by Lamborn; you can’t compare a Black person to Tar Baby.

What I do know is that I learned something about Tar Baby tonight….

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!


  1. joy · August 2, 2011

    It’s amazing to me how people can walk the slippery slope of making racist statements ,why is it acceptable to compare being called a “tar baby” to standard political situations.Since there are those that feel that this statement is acceptable try making it within the african american community, then lets see how acceptable it is. If someone used a similar language towards another race then it would be news worthy and someone would have to apologize. In all of my life I have never witnessed such disrespect for an American President neither democrat or republican!!! This man has been educated in the best schools and spent most of his life as a public servent. Maybe you don’t agree with his poitics, but to disrespect him in this manner is horrible. He has had his birth question, in addition to his relgious beliefs and he has handled it with great dignity — but still this isn’t enough!! You may not agree with his politics, but is giving him respect too much to ask? After all he’s still President Barack Obama wether he’s re-elected or not that will NEVER change!!!


  2. Mary Lateef · August 3, 2011

    Well, this congressman who is associated with the Tea Party really confirmed what I thought. He is
    and represents a group of people who say that they want to take their country back. They do, as
    indicated by the “slip up” statement made by this congressman. They can’t accept the FACT that
    a SMART, INTELLIGENT MAN OF AFRICAN DESCENT is president of these United States of
    America. This person said what was on his heart. It shows his ignorance! How can his fellow congressman accept this kind of statement from him. He should be put under the same scrutiny as Mr. Weiner. It is a shame. Again there is acceptance and those who offer what he meant to say. No, this has to stop!!!!!.This is not just a lay person, this is someone who was chosen to
    represent the people. He should be asked to leave immediately. What kind of example is this for our young people. Several congressman have mentioned that they want a sound economy for the
    future of their grand children; I say, we need sound and “leader-worthy” men and women to lay a foundation for our future leaders. This man said what he meant, he showed his true colors. He
    and others who think like him need to realize that this country belongs to those who helped lay
    the foundation. He needs to go to the library and research – “Contributions Made By African Americans From Before Slavery to Now.” President Obama was the beginning of BEAUTIFUL


    • Bobby Broadway · August 5, 2011

      Thank you for your well thought out comment, I can’t disagree with your comment as this is how you feel and respect your feelings. The only thing I will comment on is your first sentence concerning the Tea Party, I don’t want to lump all Tea Party folks into1bucket and label them as racist. I do believe their is a racial part of the overall organization as it has bad seeds, but in all organization you are going to have bad apples. I have personally debated with Tea Party kats that were very respectful of my opinions.


  3. hotshot bald cop · August 29, 2011

    Good points


    • Bobby Broadway · August 30, 2011

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I welcome you back for more


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