Carlos Zambrano, what a waste!!!!

If there was any question why the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in 104 years all you have to look at is the off and on relationship they have with their highest paid aka Franchise player; Carlos Zambrano!

As a great as a pitching talent Zambrano USE to be he is not worth the trouble he causes within the Cubs organization year in year out.  The Cubs invested a boat load of money into a volatile player who has anger management issues have taken away from his worth on the field.  Zambrano has let his anger get the best of him on several occasions;

  • In game frustrations with his performance have led to blow ups on the mound
  • Fought in the dugout with his catcher Michael Barrett
  • Issues with management
Through all those issues the Cubs have basically looked the other way, well I should say that Zambrano has been suspended and had to attend Anger Management classes but at the end of the day the Cubs always except Carlos back.  Part of the reason they accept him back each time is his talent, but at this point his talent does not compensate for all the baggage he carries.  And now we have the most recent incident to add to his troubled resume….
In his last start against Atlanta, Zambrano was being beat up by Braves when he frustration once again surfaced after giving up his 5th homerun on the day.  Zambrano upset with his performance threw 2 pitches at Chipper Jones (missed both times) and was immediately ejected by the home plate umpire (as you can see those anger management classes worked).  But the story didn’t en with just a bad pitching performance as Zambrano went into the clubhouse and told trainers and other clubhouse personnel that he was retiring as he packed up all his stuff and left the ballpark.
The next day Zambrano sent his stuff back to the clubhouse and apologized for his actions, but is he REALLY sorry???
As noted by the Chicago Tribune Zambrano seemed concerned about how the story of his retirement talk got out to the media.
“I say something in the clubhouse, that has to stay there,”
“That’s our home. I didn’t say nothing to the papers. I didn’t want to talk to the media.”
That quote right there tell you there is something wrong with Carlos, instead of taking full responsibility for his actions he wants to talk about how his retirement story got out.
WTF is wrong with this guy??
All of sudden he is worried about family (team) business out in the streets? Was he thinking about that when he got into a fight with Barrett in the dugout during a game?  This is guy is a NUTBAG and the Cubs need to rid themselves of him ASAP!!
The Cubs have placed Carlos on the 30-day disqualified list (without pay), of course Zambrano is appealing the suspension.  If the ball club was smart they would just swallow the remaining the $22 million on Zambrano’s contract and rid themselves of a MAJOR pain.  Now this will not solve all of the Cubs problems, it would be a step in the  right direction.  Zambrano may not be the sole reason the Cubs SUCK, but he is certainly not making the Cubs a winner lately (check their record for the past couple of years).
When I look at the Cubs and ALL their problems, as a Mets fan I look at my team and think… Things are not that bad!!!!
As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

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