Roland S. Martin calls out Black celebrities…

Roland S. Martin, a Black journalist and political contributor to CNN made it his business to remind everyone and anyone that on August 28th (Sunday) the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington DC will be OFFICIALLY dedicated.

The ceremony that will be attended by many including the 1st Black-American president, Barack Obama will be a celebration of one of the great Americans.  I don’t have to sit here and list what made Martin Luther King Jr great; all that needs to be none is that he was someone who fought for the civil rights of ALL!

The memorial for MLK will be located on the National Mall; the 30-foot tall statue of Dr King will be the 1st non-president (with a major memorial) memorialized on the National Mall.  MLK will be surrounded by the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln; all men played a key role in shaping what is now the United States…

A fitting spot for Dr King!!

With such an honor being bestowed on one of the most influential Black people in the history of the United States you would think this moment would be attended/watched by all who have most benefited from Dr Kings hard work and sacrifice….  Amazingly enough I am not sure if this will be the most important event that for most Black people; I am trying not to be negative but with the 2011 MTV Music Awards happening on the same day as the memorial dedication…

What will prove to be more important to Black-Americans on August 28th?

Some how this is even a question, and for Roland Martin he felt he had to address this matter on Twitter.  Starting this morning Martin directly tweeted celebrities like Kanye West and Chris Brown and asked them if they would be attending the dedication.  He also reminded them that if they thought attending the MTV Music Awards was important that they should remember that it wasn’t too long ago that MTV wasn’t even playing Black Artist videos.

There is no excuse for any Black artist/celebrity to miss out on the dedication ceremony for MLK; if you believe attending an award show thrown by MTV then your priorities are screwed up!  I will be somewhat disappointed to see some of my favorite artist choosing the MTV Music Awards over MLK Memorial, but it is what it is…

What most of these artist/celebrities have forgotten is that when the cameras stop flashing and the fans stop cheering their names will MTV be there for them?  Will MTV return the favor for promoting their show, I highly doubt it… Some times there are more important things than seeing who will win Rap Artist of The Year or seeing if Kanye West will have another moment making him the latest Trending Topic worldwide.

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!


  1. lov3grace3 · August 23, 2011

    I agree that MLK’s memorial is much more important than the MTV awards. I mean he made a huge contribution to the world we live in today. He fought for what was right and that was equal rights for all. His existence probably even made it possible that all different types of races and sizes are shown on MTV as well as other tv channels and such. But I always thought of America as a place where all people – regardless of race or anything – can come together. So black americans along with all other americans, I hope, will know whats more important.

    I hope to read more from you!! Your post was both informative and eye opening to the priorities of most.


    • Bobby Broadway · August 24, 2011

      Thanks, I appreciate the comment and you’re right all Americans need to make the right choice on Sunday


  2. parisashley · August 25, 2011

    I wonder how many celebrities, have actually considered skipping the VMA’s?! This is apart of history & should be shared, as one of the most important times, in our lives, to celebrate & show pride. Then again, the VMA’s is apart of celebrities jobs & how they make money. So… let’s see who shows up.


    • Bobby Broadway · August 26, 2011

      Unfortunately the dedication has been postponed due to Hurricane Irene


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