Pres Obama cutting his vacation short to monitor Hurricane Irene…

Politico is reporting that President Obama is cutting his Martha’s Vineyard vacation short to head back to the White House as Hurricane Irene approaches Washington DC.  The president will head back Friday while his family remains in Martha’s Vineyard as scheduled.

Overall this is a good move by the president, I am sure Obama could have easily monitored the hurricane from Martha’s Vineyard… But this move is showing leadership and at this point Obama needs all the good aesthetics he can get when it comes to him being President.  A good example of a leader taking the aesthetics of a situation for granted would be NJ Governor Chris Christie.

In late December the Northeast was slammed by a snow storm that left NY and NJ digging out for days.  During this snow storm Christie made the decision to stay on vacation in Disney World as he felt the situation in NJ was in good hands while he was being updated regularly throughout the day.  This proved to be a bad move for Christie as he was by many for not leading.

For the record I didn’t have an issue with Christie remaining on vacation as long as he was in contact with his people and kept up to date.  In all seriousness what did people want?  Did they want to see footage of Christie with a shovel digging cars out of snow drifts????

Same goes for Obama, do people expect the President of the United States to be filing sandbags and making make shifts dams to stop flooding??

At the same time I do understand this is politics and the public is all about appearances; with that said hopefully Hurricane Irene will not cause too much damage and everyone in the storm’s path will be safe.

So stock up on supplies (water, batteries, first aid kits) and stay dry, if you live in an evacuation area don’t be stupid….


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Derek Jeter Splits From Minka Kelly????

Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter may have called it splitsville.... is reporting that NY Yankees Captain Derek Jeter has broken up with his girlfriend Minka Kelly. If this is true this is a bit of a shocker as it was just a couple of weeks ago (July) Kelly was seen celebrating with Jeter’s family at Yankee Stadium as The Captain join the 3000 hit club (the 1st NY Yankee to do so).

Oh well, can’t say that I am heartbroken over the breakup and I don’t believe many Yankee fans will be distraught over this news.  For Yankee fans they are more concerned with who will be pitching for them in the playoffs and not who Jeter is dating.  Although if Kelly broke up with Jeter, could this have an effect on his hitting?

Since getting his 3000th hit DJ has been on fire, or maybe The Captain has been feeling himself and felt he could do better than Ms Kelly, hmmmmmm…..

In all honesty who knows, this could just be a rumor I mean we did just go through the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith alleged breakup.

Until this is confirmed, let’s sit back and enjoy the jokes.  So far the funniest thing I have read describing what happened between Jeter and Kelly was from Eli Langer aka @EliFromBrooklyn

Good one Eli!!!!

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Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Dedication has been postponed….

Due to Hurricane Irene the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Dedication that was supposed to happen on August 28th; has been postponed indefinitely.  The hope was to celebrate this newly erected memorial on the 48th Anniversary of the “I Have a Dream” speech that took place on August 28th 1963 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

Roland S. Martin has stated via Twitter that the following events are still scheduled as planned Friday and Saturday:

  • ALL events scheduled Friday and Saturday morning is still on
  • The Friday 9am dedication for All members of Alpha Phi Alpha (MLK’s Fraternity) is still scheduled as plan at the MLK Memorial.  Alphas are expected to wear gold blazers
  • Saturday’s 9am MLK Memorial prayer service at the Basilica is still scheduled as plan.
I am happy to hear that some of the events will still happen this weekend, we may not be able to fully celebrate on August 28th but that will not take away the great honor that has been bestowed on Dr King’s legacy.  I am hoping that I will be able to take a trip down to DC in the near future so that I can visit the MLK Memorial.  From what I have heard so far it is definitely a trip worth taking.
This delay will also give those Black Celebrities who were having a hard time choosing between the MLK Memorial Dedication and the 2011 MTV Music Awards, time to get their priorities straightened out.  SMH, get it together folks!!!
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Happy Birthday to my sister Solange!!!

Happy Birthday Solange!!! I don’t get a chance to say this everyday but I just wanted you to know that I love you and admire the strong and independent person you are. You are the epitome of  a Big Sis; you beat me up, picked on me, yell at me for following you and your friends around…  But at the same time you watched over me (as the picture shows you also always sat on me) and you ALWAYS told people,

“I can make fun of my brother but YOU can’t!”

I thank you for always having my back no matter what, and for always being the one to keep me grounded.  Thank you sis, I can only hope that I can be half the person that you are.

I can’t think of anyone else that deserves all the well wishes that you will receive on this day.

Here is to you on your day, Happy Birthday Sis!!

Your Brother


Bobby Broadway

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