Militant Mondays – Shaunie O’Neal, the biggest pimp of them all…

For years we have heard how rappers, record labels, and T.V. have taken advantage of Black women and their image in our society.  Some of the biggest offenses and criticisms have come within the Black community; with rappers being criticized for their misogynistic lyrics/videos.  And in many cases the criticism is necessary, in no way am I trying to make excuses for what has happened and continues to happen.


There is a new pimp in town pimping out the image of Black women, and HER name is Shaunie O’Neal.  The ex-wife of Shaq O’Neal is the executive producer of VH1‘s ‘Basketball Wives’ (more like Basketball Non-Wives), a show meant to follow the adventures\misadventures of women who have been romantically linked to professional basketball players.  In watching this show I have failed to find one female that I would have much respect for; these broads walk around Miami, Fl as if they are hottest shit on the planet.  Viewers of the show have witnessed episode after episode of fighting and nonsense; there are barely any positive moments in the show as it seems to focus on the LOUD tales of women who lack class.  There are plenty of mentions of “Bitches”, “Hos” and “Non Motherfucking Factors”.  Recently Shaunie attempted to address the shows critics in an interview with CNN:

“I have gotten both good and bad responses from viewers about “Basketball Wives,” and I certainly understand the opinion that the shows portrayal of black women is beginning to look somewhat negative.

As you see on the show, I’m not a big supporter of the bickering, drink throwing and fighting, but when you put a group of strong, independent and vocal women who are going through or just came out of a bad relationship together, there’s bound to be a little drama.

Let’s face it, we all know women like the ones on “Basketball Wives” and countless other reality shows: Women who are vocal if you cross them.”

Yes Shaunie, we may know women like Tammy, Evelyn and Jennifer but they are not the majority.  If you’re going to show the “bickering, drink throwing and fighting” you should have a balance and show the positives (whatever they may be) as well.  Instead Shaunie and VH1 decide to exploit the best assets that sell; right now Shaunie is killing the game with Basketball Wives and like a good pimp you expand…

The result, ‘Basketball Wives LA’!!!

For the record I like Shaunie and I can appreciate that she has stood up as an independent woman and developed something of her own and is not just sitting back living off of what she got from her divorce of Shaq.  But she is responsible for how her show depicts Black women, she can’t just say that she doesn’t condone the fighting on the show and leave it that.  The truth is you are condoning when you show it week after week and then you sit there on the reunion show and allow these women to make a fool of themselves.

At the end of the day Shaunie O’Neal has some control of the content, and has to take some responsibility for the nonsense that occurs on her show!

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

Terrell Owens has a credit rating of 500-600??

So tonight we learned on ‘The T.O. Show’ that Terrell Owens apparently has a credit rating around 500-600….


For those of y’all who don’t know to have a credit rating of 500-600 is considered having “Poor Credit”; basically you are considered a credit risk by the banks.

So how can a top-notch football player who has made something like $50-$70 million dollars (courtesy of @BlkSportsOnline) in his career have such a LOW credit rating?  I really don’t know, well I have an idea but it just doesn’t make any sense when you think about the amount of money Owens has potentially made in his career.  To start off with, your credit score is determined by 5 things:

  1. Payment History
  2. Amount Borrowed Compared to Available Credit – Big factor in credit score
  3. Length of Credit History
  4. Inquires and New Debt
  5. Types of Debt
We can only speculate on how T.O. could possibly have such a low credit rating; on the show Owens mentions how he has a problem getting in contact with what sounds like is his accountant or at least someone who is dealing with his money 1st hand.  Owens looked VERY concerned (started crying) when he talks about how there is no money coming in due to the NFL lockout (still no money being made with the start of the season and no new contract).  In light of poor credit rating and lack of income/team it’s no wonder Owens was so anxious to show he can recover and still play in this season.
Unfortunately we hear more and more stories about million dollar athletes being ripped off; It’s a sad state of affairs.  Hopefully T.O. can get this all resolved, you can have a boat load of money but if your credit rating sucks there are limits to what you can do.
I wonder how many athletes made a call to their financial advisers this morning after watching ‘The T.O. Show’ last night??
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If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!