Rioting over the new Jordan XI Concords, WTF!!!!

New Jordan XI Concords

You mean to tell me this is our society now when people are rioting over some SNEAKERS????

The videos of mobs of people trampling others, breaking down doors and fighting over the New Jordan XI Concords is beyond believable.  I can’t explain this sneaker fetish as I have never been emotional about a pair of sneakers.  And in saying that I don’t have a problem with people who lineup for hours (some over-night) to ensure they get cop the new Jordan, LeBron, or Kobe kicks.  But I do have an issue with folks, namely Black folks on the verge of killing each other over some sneakers.

In the midst of a recession people want to fight over some over priced sneakers ($180) when they should be fighting to get their finances in order or even better fighting to make sure their kids are getting a proper education.

How many of these parents who are lined up outside of shopping malls waiting to buy the new Jordans will lineup outside of their kid’s school demanding a good education??

We need to get together folks, our priorities are all screwed up!

“It’s worth getting trampled over to get them what they need…”

When did Jordans become a necessity?

SMH, I wonder what Michael Jordan thinks about this?

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If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

Payroll Tax Cut Extension Deal, did Pres Obama back down?

President Obama

It was only a short time ago that President Obama said he would veto any Payroll Tax Cut Extension bill if the Keystone Pipeline XL was attached to the bill.


This morning the president touted the Payroll Tax Extension Bill albeit a temporary extension (2 months); but what was missing from the presidents short address concerning the extension was that the bill he praised had the Keystone Pipeline XL attached to it.  Yup, that same Keystone Pipeline that he said would bring about the veto of any bill.

I am of the opinion that when you use the threat of the veto you better use it; at this point the GOP already have made up their minds that they can challenge Obama without any repercussions.  And this is exactly what this was about!  I realize the president values the payroll tax cut extension but why talk about using a veto if you’re not going to use it???

Maybe President Obama has something up his sleeve….

Fox News reporter Ed Henry posted on his twitter today:

If Henry is correct nothing REALLY changes as the this bill is not forcing the president to do anything but say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to Keystone sooner than later.  Obama can still say ‘no’ to the pipeline, the question now is what will he decide.  All the facts are not in concerning Keystone Pipeline as there have been many questions surrounding the job creation numbers; Glen Kessler of the Washington does a good job detailing some of the questions about the numbers in his Washington Post Fact-Checker.

Another sign that this is not a ‘cave-in’ by Pres Obama is the reaction from House Republicans who have voiced their displeasure with this deal.  It has been reported that House Republicans let Speaker Boehner know that they do  not feel this is a win for Republicans and that this deal may set the stage for Pres Obama to bash Republicans for not passing a long-term Payroll Tax Extension (year-long extension) during his State of the Union Address.

There is still a chance the House Republicans may revolt against Boehner and not sign-off on this deal; Republican leadership like Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Majority WHIP Kevin McCarthy are not completely sold on this latest deal.

If this deal falls apart it will without a doubt show how weak Speaker Boehner actually is in the House!

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If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!