The idea that there is a witch hunt for Rush Limbaugh after his relentless attack of Sandra Fluke is absurd. For 3 days on his radio show he went after Sandra Fluke…

Limbaugh’s attack was disgusting and vile! If there was a witch hunt it was Limbaugh going after Fluke. Let’s remember folks, Limbaugh didn’t just crack silly joke. He consistently referred to Fluke as a “prostitute” and suggested if she wants taxpayers to pay for her contraception then she should make sex tapes for the taxpayers.


For far too long Rush has gotten away with this behavior; sooner or later it catches up with you and it looks like it may have finally caught up to him.

Of course there are those on the ‘Right’ who have pointed out similar attacks by liberal/Progressive commentators. I will admit that there are those like Ed Schultz on the ‘Left’ who go to far, but I am not aware of a situation where there was a 3 day personal attack of a non-political pundit. Last year Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a “slut” and he was suspended for his actions

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