Tebowmania Invades NYC

Ever since the New York Jets finalized the deal for Tim Tebow he has been the talk of the town.

How will Sanchez react to Tebow?

Can Tebow really challenge Sanchez?

How many plays will Tebow play?


The news of Tebow coming to the Jets even surpassed the Roger Goodell‘s punishment of the New Orleans Saints for “Bounty-Gate”.

As a New York Giants’ fan (Super Bowl Champs) I really have no cares for what the Jets do as a team. They will forever be the little brother of the Giants, HAHA!!!

But what’s funny to me and has caught my interest is how the media in NY has jumped all over the Tebow phenomenon.  In one breath the NY sports media will tell you that NY is more sophisticated than the Denver media, and how they will not get caught up in the “Linsanity”…. My bad I mean the Tebowmania and that it will not be the spectacle it was in Denver.

Yeah Right!!!!

All this weekend ESPN radio (1050AM) promoted the Tebow press conference set for Monday; before the promo was read show host like Ian O’Conner would spend 30 minutes analyzing the trade. At certain points he would talk about the sophisticated NY fan and that he doesn’t believe the hype of Tebowmania will be that crazy.  Then he read the promo hyping the same event he was trying to down play just a few minutes before; several hosts were guilty of this.

NY sports media and fans may want to get off their high horse and just accept the fact they will be all about Tebowmania like everyone else.  I recall watching football this past season at Ainsworth when everybody was watching Tebow do his thing, and like everyone else I was even chanting “Tebow, Tebow, Tebow…”

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

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