Pres Obama, “Private Sector is doing fine…” WTH!!!

President Barack Obama

What will be a tight presidential race, President Barack Obama cannot afford to make any mistakes.  This morning during his press conference President Obama said the following,

“The Private Sector is fine…”

The president stated this while making a point that 4.3 million private sector jobs have been created since he took office….

SMH, ohhhhhhh Mr President!!!!!!

In light of a VERY weak jobs report last week (69K jobs created in May) and slow in growth, WTH was the president thinking saying such a thing?  This is a bad mistake by Obama who usually doesn’t make mistakes like this.  In a matter of minutes Speaker Boehner was tweeting about the president’s gaffe

“President Obama says “the private sector is doing fine” — millions out of work, 8%+ unemployment for 40 months #doingfine?”

On top of that Speaker Boehner and his right-hand man Majority Leader Rep Eric Cantor held a rebuttal press conference to address the president’s speech on the economy.  This was an already scheduled speech for the GOP and now this mistake by President Obama will be highlight of the GOP press conference.  Expect to see a nice attack ad from Mitt Romney and the Super PACs as soon as this weekend if possible if not it will be ready 1st thing Monday morning for the fresh news cycle.

It has definitely been a tough week for President Obama and Democrats, on top of this latest mistake the party had to deal with the loss in the Wisconsin Recall on Tuesday and former President Bill Clinton stating that NOT extending the Bush Tax Cuts would be bad for the economy.

This is a bumpy start to the re-election bid now that Romney will be the GOP representative, but it’s still early.  Obama and David Axelrod have to tighten things up, these mistakes are not campaign killers but this will be a close race and if mistakes like this keep happening….

These mistakes will soon become insurmountable!!

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

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  1. silver price · June 11, 2012

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