Talking Points Tuesdays – SMH, Come on Mitt a jet ski???

Team Romney has to do a better job with the image of Mitt Romney!

In a time when the economy is faltering in its recovery and families more than likely have to cut back on family vacations, Republican candidate for president Mitt Romney is caught hanging out on a jet ski while on vacation.  You would think that after Romney was heavily criticized for having an elevator for his garage installed that he would do a better job of trying to relate to the common man.

Now, is this in all honesty fair????

No it’s not, but this is political world we live in. As of late President Bush (43) was criticized for his time at his ranch and President Obama has been criticized for his time on the golf course.  It’s all about the optics and Romney and his team seem to still have trouble understanding that.

Meanwhile President Obama scrapped his families Martha Vineyard retreat for some time at Camp David, and before Conservatives criticize me for only picking on Romney and his gaffes please remember I did get on the president and his team in early June for his “Private Sector is doing fine” comment… So relax!

By the way Mitt, political 101 pictures are worth a thousand words. Learn from the past mistakes of John Kerry and Michael Dukakis who had photo ops cause them pain during their presidential campaigns

John Kerry and windsurfing

SMH, not a good look for Michael Dukakis in a tank

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!