Jobs Report Friday, What’s in Store for Us?

Once again we will get a look into how our economy is doing today, it’s Jobs Report Friday!


Ok, may be there will be no cheering by the masses but there could be cheering within Team Romney.

Earlier this week it was reported that manufacturing did shrink in some areas, but there is still slight growth.  Overall this is not good news for the Obama Administration that had seem some traction over the past week.  Mitt Romney and the GOP have been tripping over themselves when it comes to discussing the Healthcare Mandate… Or is it a tax?  And there is the problem for Romney, he has gotten off message and for whatever reason he refuses to get back to the economy.

Well today’s jobs report should help Romney and the GOP get back to the state of the economy.  Now I will admit I am no expert in this but with manufacturing numbers showing a bit of a slow down, that there would be a similar effect in job creation.  For example, if there is a slow down in producing products or ordering inventory then that can be an indicator that consumers are not buying goods which would lead to stores not needing to re-fill their inventories.  If store owners don’t have to restock their shelves then that infers business is slow, if business is slow aka no demand then there is no need to hire resources to meet demand.

But who knows, there have been times when analyst have predicted low job numbers and we have seen great job creation.  Mitt Romney needs a bad jobs report to get his campaign back on track. I am predicting the number of jobs created for the month of June will fall short of 100K, if that turns out to be true that will mean a bad weekend for Team Obama.

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

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