Militant Mondays – My Problem with GI Joe: Retaliation


Let me start by saying that I enjoyed ‘GI Joe: Retaliation’, it’s not a great movie but it was cool and it was a definite step-up from the 1st GI Joe movie.  Even tho I am not a big Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock fan, actually that’s being nice… I usually can’t stomach any movie with the Rock in it, but I was able to put my Rock hate aside to say that he wasn’t that bad in GI Joe.  I was able to get past early on when I realized The Rock was playing the role of Roadblock, that’s cool.  Growing Roadblock was one of my Joes as it was cool see Black hero in a cartoon, plus Roadblock has a big ass gun (Pause), HAHAHA!!!

I can understand why the producer would select The Rock as Roadblock, especially when you realize that unlike the cartoon Roadblock is a main character in GI Joe: Retaliation.

All that was cool, but then….

You have a scene where they show Roadblock’s kids (2 daughters), and they are Black, and then later you see that the movie gives a lil insight into Roadblock’s past when they show that he grew up in the hood.

So why the need to make Roadblock’s kids Black and to insinuate he grew up in the inner-city with Black people?

Clearly The Rock is White, why not just make his character all around White???

Now this is just my opinion but I feel like the producers of GI Joe were trying too hard to keep the connection of Roadblock the cartoon character and Roadblock the character in the movie.  It just didn’t sit to easy with me, you can go ahead and say I am just trying to play some race card or something and that is cool.  But ask your self this question….

In any remake of Superman, can you see the producers making Superman’s biological dad(Jor-El) Black?  Maybe have Samuel Jackson play Jor-El while Superman is still a White guy?

I don’t think so!!


Apologies, I over simplified The Rock’s ethnicity. He is part Black Nova Scotian (Canadian, Dad) and Samoan (mother)

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!