State drops case against former Titan Keith Bulluck


Last month when Keith Bulluck was arrested for an incident with cab driver Habib Hashi in Nashville, from the very beginning he stated the whole thing was “simply a misunderstanding” and that he was innocent.

This morning Bulluck appeared in court where he was notified that the state will be dropping the case.

Bulluck’s lawyer team planned on presenting several witnesses including Hashi’s former boss at Yellow Cab, Doug Trimble. Several reports have stated that Hashi’s former boss has referred to Hashi as a “perpetual liar”.

When news of Bulluck’s arrest broke a lot of people jumped to conclusions and had a whole lot to say about the situation without having all the facts.  *Cough, cough* Boomer Esiason!!!

Lets hope the news of the case being dropped will get as much attention as the arrest did!

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Derek Jeter Hurt Again…


So not only are the New York Yankees getting their asses handed to them by the Red Sox this weekend, but now it looks like the ‘Captain’ Derek Jeter may have re-injured his surgically repaired ankle.  Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports is reporting that the reason Jeter left the Yankees vs. Red Sox game was due to an apparent injury in the area of the ankle he broke in last season playoffs.

Replays show Jeter wincing as he attempted to make a throw to 1st from deep in the hole at shortstop.

Back in spring training Jeter was shutdown as he suffered a setback in returning from the initial surgery.  Another injury to that ankle and it may force him and the Yankees to think about moving from shortstop.

I know, I know that’s blasphemy but shortstop is too demanding of a position if Jeter cannot stay healthy.  Let’s not forget the strained calf the ‘Captain’ had, injuries to the legs for a shortstop is not a good thing.

What about a move to 3rd base, I mean there is a certain player over there who could be suspended for a VERY long time (Alex Rodriguez).  Or what about 2nd base, there is a player over there now who may sign somewhere else for big money  (Robinson Cano).

Oh well, bottom line Jeter is old and the Yankees have a whole a lot of issues and not much upside!

By the way, how many more years on Jeter’s contract???

Update – CT Scan on Jeter’s ankle is negative, Yankees will send his results to Dr. Robert Anderson who performed the surgery on his ankle!

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F-A-Natic Fridays – Why I Hate Lana Scolaro’s 15 Minutes of Fame…

So this chick Lana Scolara who was felt-up and sucked face with Robin Thicke is soaking up her 15 minutes of fame this week. Usually I wouldn’t give nonsense like this attention, but I could not resist as I have a real problem with this chick.

So what’s my issue?

Is it that because of the unnecessary attention Scolara has received when there are more important issues in the world like Syria… Nah!

Or could it be that I am appalled by Robin Thicke’s actions; he’s a married… Yeah Right!

So why?

Man, I’m made because this chick is talking way too much!!!

EVERY chick wants to shine now! You just can’t be content that Robin Thicke was trying to smash and Paula Patton either didn’t mind or possibly may have wanted the three of y’all to get down.

But Lana haddddd to give an interview and talk about this???

Come on Lana!!!!!

Whatever happened to the “walk of shame”? I guess “shame” has been replaced with “fame”, smh.

Seriously, I don’t know why this is bothering me, I don’t care about Thicke, Scolara or Paula…. Nah, hold up Paula Patton can find me in the club and make-out with me all she want.



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The NFL Players Association Teaming Up with Uber


The NFL Players Association recently announced a partnership with the on-demand care service company, Uber.

By using Uber’s mobile app, users can request a car service (clean black car) for pickup. Uber uses GPS to locate the user and all the person has to do is press a button to request a ride. And no cash is necessary as your credit is billed automatically when your ride is completed. The fares can be 50-75%, but it’s worth the quality of service and convenience.

With this partnership the NFLPA is looking at what they can do to improve the safety of their members off the field (This is some good news in light of the recent settlement in the concussion lawsuit) as their has been an unfortunate rise in DUI incidents associated with NFL players.

“According to the New York Times, about 70 percent of NFL players arrested on charges of driving while intoxicated since 2006 were apprehended in the metropolitan area where they were based. The Times reported that since 2006, players were fined $2.4 million and lost close to $2.9 million in salary due to driving while under the influence.” – Forbes

Currently Uber is available in 17 of 31 cities where NFL teams are located. Markets like Houston and Miami have been tough for Uber to crack as they do not allow competition to taxis. With the NFLPA (and The Shield (NFL)) basically backing Uber I think it will be a matter of time before that changes.

But at the end of the day it comes down to the players taking advantage of what is available to them. Currently the NFLPA provides car services that players can use (nothing really like Uber). It will be up to the players (and their friends who party with them) to use better judgement.

What’s the old saying?

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…

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WTF/WTH Wednesdays – Coolout Anthony Weiner….

I was a huge supporter/fan of Anthony Weiner before his setting scandal, and even then I was willing to give him a fresh start with his bid to become the next mayor of New York City. I mean we all make mistakes, so I was open to hear what he had to say and what his platform would be about.

And then more sexting nonsense was discovered, at that point I was done and so should have Weiner’s campaign. Instead he decided to continue to stay in the race and not be forced out.

If Weiner believes he still has a shot, I hope yelling at voters is not part of a strategy he believes is a winner…

Smh, the funny thing is that it was his fiery, confrontational style that made Weiner cool with many Democrats/Progressives.

Except, back then he was yelling at Republican congressmen and not potential voters.

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