NY Yankees Top List as Most Valuable Franchise in Baseball


Who said baseball was a dying sport?

Bloomberg released its list of most valuable teams in Major League Baseball, and on top of that list are the NY Yankees who are valued at $3.3 Billion!

According to Bloomberg News the value of MLB teams went up approximately 35% from previous estimates; these numbers are compiled using

revenue from ticket sales, concessions, sponsorships and broadcast rights, as well as interests in TV channels, radio stations and real estate.

Revenue from national TV contracts and merchandise is split evenly among the teams, as is the value of MLB Advanced Media, a subsidiary that supplies content to Internet and mobile subscribers.via Bloomberg News

Man that’s a lot of scrilla, can’t hate them tho…. Of course I can, with all that value the Yankees STILL missed the playoffs.  Haha, come on you didn’t REALLY think I wasn’t talk a lil trash about the Skanks.

Side note, my NY Mets are 1 of 10 teams worth more than $1 Billion.  We coming back!!!


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Miley Cyrus with the Roots and Jimmy Fallon performing ‘We Can’t Stop’

Say what you want about Miley Cyrus and her twerking ass, but she has consistently kept her name in the spotlight. And as the saying goes,

“There is no such thing as bad press.”

Miley has gone from shocking everyone with her performance at MTV’s VMAs, consistently having pics of her sticking her tongue out in entertainment magazines, to giving ‘Saturday Night Live‘ 4.5 million viewers while hosting and being the musical guest this past Saturday.

And since her SNL appearance she has made her rounds on the talk show circuit which include a visit to Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Late Night’ show. Here’s a video version of Cyrus’ ‘We Can’t Stop’ with help from The Roots and Jimmy Fallon…

So if y’all were looking for Miley to go away, it’s not happening!

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Obamacare Is Here!!!!!

Obamacare is here….

Along with some “glitches” (too much traffic hitting site) in accessing https://www.healthcare.gov/, which in all honesty is something we should have expected.   There is NEVER a perfect roll-out and while this is definitely not perfect it is far from a massive failure of the program.  As someone who works in IT I can understand the issues the gov’t is having in traffic hitting the site and causing it to crash.  No matter how much you test or stress test a site you just never now until you go live.

Luckily enough these are issues that can be resolved fairly quickly, so folks may continue to see this….


for a couple of hours but time will only tell the overall impact of Obamacare.

Now if Republicans would have avoided the gov’t shutdown, the glitches of Obamacare roll-out would have been the #1 story in the news cycle.  SMH

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Here we are folks, GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN!!!

House Leadership has stated they will not offer up any more Continuing Resolutions (CR) to avoid a government shutdown tonight (9/30/2013).  The United States government will basically be run by a skeleton crew of folks who have been deemed “essential personnel”.

While I did not want to see a government shutdown, I have to say that I am pleased that Democrats have stood up and decided to tell Republicans NO!  Sometimes you have to take a step back to take 2 steps forward.  Up to now it has not worked for Democrats to compromise on CRs and raising the debt limit and we have received in return is running gov’t 1 crisis after another.

That is no way for the gov’t of the United States to be run

It’s my belief that Republicans have always wanted a government shutdown since the day after President Obama won re-election.  For 4 years Republicans tweeted daily a countdown of the last time the Senate passed a budget.  So when the Senate finally passed a budget (I will admit Dems should have been passed a budget a long time ago) you would think House Republicans would be thrilled and anxious to start debate on that budget.  Instead Republicans refused to go to conference to hammer out a budget deal and decided to continue to run gov’t by CRs.  Because with CRs Republicans could negotiate (and I use that term loosely) draconian cuts to spending and now they are looking to defund or delay Obamacare.  Passing a budget would only take away the negotiating power of Republicans and that is something they do not want to lose, without that power they would not be able to achieve their #1 goal and that’s obstructing President Obama and government from moving forward.

Now with the government shutdown, who will blink first??

More info concerning Gov’t Shutdown; http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/09/30/government-shutdown-bilks-taxpayers/

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