Robin Thicke Continues his Pathetic Apology Tour

Where are Robin Thicke’s homies? Why are they allowing their boy to go around embarrassing himself?

We have been through moments like this, (yes I’m including myself in the “We”) and have done some crazy things to get a woman back but come on homie!

Last night Thicke decided to do ANOTHER public apology to Paula Patton, this time at the BET Awards. It’s time to get this dude off the stage and stop this apology tour BS! Thicke needs to wake up an accept he fucked up and move on, or at least stop this public display of Bitchassness!

How many more songs can this fool write asking for forgiveness? Does he really believe that the next song will touch Patton and win her back?

Maybe Thicke thinks this is like the movies….

Nah son, This is not ‘Say Anything’

Take it from me Thicke, no matter how romantic you may think it is to write an apology song and sing it for a televised audience, there’s a chance Patton finds all this to be creepy as hell. At this point, Patton has heard every apology you have made publicly and privately.

Seriously Thicke has to let this go and let some time pass, maybe Patton will come back or it could be over for good. The point is your making it about yourself every time you step on stage or release another song. We all get it, you’re upset and you feel your heart is broken, leave it alone. Like the old saying goes, time heals all wounds…

Coolout and Let The Wound Heal!!!!!


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Jason Kidd Traded to the Bucks

If nothing else Jason Kidd has a lot of confidence in his skills as a head coach, Kidd has forced himself out of Brooklyn with an unsuccessful play for power in the Nets front-office. The Milwaukee Bucks have traded two 2nd round picks (2015 and 2018 or 2019) for Jason Kidd.

SNY is reporting the following:

Kidd will only serve as the Bucks’ head coach (Beck, June 30), but he is expected to take over as head of basketball operations eventually (Beck, June 30).

After a rocky start to his coaching career Kidd was able to guide a veteran Nets squad to a 44-38 record and a playoff berth. Kidd’s desire to seek more power in the front-office is a little alarming for a 2nd year coach who should pay more attention to Xs and Os. It seems like Kidd may have taken a long, realistic look at the Nets roster and possibly their financial situation; the future may not be that bright in Brooklyn.

The Real Deal recently reported that Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov plans to cut back on spending as they look to sell Forest City’s 20% shares:

The team is seeking about $200 million for Forest City’s share, which would peg the value of the NBA team at $1 billion.

Prospective bidders have expressed concerns they would need to cover substantial losses in addition to investing $200 million, the New York Post reported. The team racked up a loss of about $50 million last year.

So far Lionel Hollins, George Karl and Mark Jackson names have popped as leading contenders to replace Kidd in Brooklyn.



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Clayton Kershaw Continues to Dominate

Clayton Kershaw is showing no hang-over effect since throwing a no-hitter on June 18th.  Since the no-no Kershaw has thrown 15-consecutive scoreless innings, including shutting out the Cardinals on Sunday to extend his scoreless streak to 28-innings.



Kershaw is now 31-innings away from tying Orel Hershiser’s scoreless streak of 59-innings, with 2 more starts (Rockies and Padres) before the all-star break Kershaw’s next challenge will be the Rockies at Coors Field.  If Kershaw can get past the Rockies the competition will get a little tougher with the Cardinals, Pirates, Giants and the Braves in the month of July. If there is a pitcher up to the challenge, Kershaw would be the one I would put my money on.

Continued dominance by Kershaw along with Zack Greinke, Josh Beckett, Dan Haren, and Hyun-Jin Ryu; and if Hanley Ramirez can get back to the Hanley of last season, the Dodgers will be a force to reckon with in the West.


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2014 NBA Draft, Who Will Go #1?

Who will be the #1 draft pick in the NBA?

Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, or maybe Dante Exum

My homie @JBMallin put me on to Exum and his skillz



The 6-6 point guard out of Melbourne, Australia has shot up draft boards with his athleticism. Exum is a pure point guard, like many young players he needs to improve on his outside jumper. Would the Cavs take him with Kyrie Irving still in the mix?

While a backcourt of Irving and Exum could be interesting, Exum with his passing ability would need to be point. Not sure if Irving would excel playing off the ball.

Whoever takes Exum will have a very talented player with raw skills that can be developed as he is still only a teenager. As @JBMallin noted he’s coachable and that is something GMs look for in young talented players like Exum.

In the meantime, while you get ready for the draft checkout Draft Express Preseason Scouting Report (2013) and a lil highlight video of Exum




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Hoping Tracey Morgan Has a Speedy Recovery

I’m sitting here watching Tracey Morgan’s last comedy special ‘Bona Fide’. This kat is hilarious, his routine about growing up in Brooklyn is real talk, I’m not from Brooklyn but we have all had that family member where we all ask the question, “Who invited….?”



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US Women’s Soccer Star Hope Solo Arrested

Early Saturday morning US women’s soccer star Hope Solo was arrested on 2-counts of domestic violence.

Police officers were summoned to Solo’s sister’s home (Seattle) around 1 am in response to a call that a woman was assaulting people in the home. When police arrived they found Solo intoxicated and that her sister and nephew both had some kind of injuries. Police questioned people in the home and determined that Solo was the woman attacking people in the home.

Solo was arrested and it is expected she will be in jail until Monday when she will appear before Kirkland Municipal Court.  For Solo this is not the first time she has been involved in domestic abuse, back in 2012 Solo’s soon to be husband Jeremy Stevens (former Seattle Seahawk) was arrested for domestic abuse, he was never charged.

Solo’s lawyer has denied the charges in an email to the Associated Press:

“Hope is not guilty of any crime,”

“In fact, our investigation reveals that Hope was assaulted and injured during this unfortunate incident. We look forward to the opportunity to present the true facts in court and to having this matter behind Hope very soon.”

More to come as this story evolves…

Credit: Complex & Associated Press

Clayton Kershaw Pitches the 284th No-Hitter


Clayton Kershaw in a short time has won just about every major award pitching (Pitching Triple Crown, CY Young (2011 and 2013), and Gold Glove), and now Kershaw can add no-hitter to his list of accomplishments.

Last night Kershaw turned in a dominate performance in no-hitting the Colorado Rockies.

“I’ve seen some great pitching performances, but it’s tough to be any better than Kershaw,” Colorado manager Walt Weiss 

Throwing only 107 pitches, Kershaw fanned 15-Rockies! Usually when you have that many strikeouts you throw a lot of pitches due to deep counts, but Kershaw was just mowing them down with what seemed to be little effort.

After signing a 7-year $215 million contract extension, Kershaw had a slow start to the season with a back injury. Since coming off the disabled list Kershaw is back to usual dominance and showing he is worth every penny.

It will be interesting to see how Kershaw will follow-up his no-hitter. As I mentioned earlier no-hitters usually include high pitch counts and pitchers some time suffer a hangover effect in their next start. With Kershaw only throwing 107 pitches he should be pretty fresh for his next start.

Could we see a run at Orel Hershiser’s 59 consecutive scoreless innings streak?

Stay Tuned….


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#RIP Tony Gwynn (May 9, 1960 – June 16, 2014)

Tony Gwynn lost his long fought battle with Cancer today at the age of 54, with the passing of Gwynn Major League Baseball (MLB) lost one of its great players / ambassadors.

Gwynn played his entire career with the San Diego Padres and earned the nickname Mr. Padre. Playing 20 seasons for the Padres, Gwynn finished his career batting .338, winning eight batting titles, five Gold Gloves Awards, and he was an 18-time All-Star.

Gwynn helped revolutionize hitting with his use of video; he became known as Captain Video. His wife would record his games and Gwynn would spend hours upon hours reviewing his at-bats looking for ways to improve. His hard work paid off as he never hit below .309 during his career, while accumulating 3,141 hits doing in many different ways. Never known for power, what you did know about Tony Gwynn was that he was going to put the ball in play.

Padres’ fans were lucky to have Tony Gwynn, he maybe the last player to have a long playing-career with one team.




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R.I.P. Ruby Dee (October 27, 1922 – June 11, 2014)

They say death comes in threes, it was only a couple of weeks we lost the great Dr. Maya Angelou and now it saddens me to hear the news that the great actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee has passed away at the age of 91.  Ruby Dee had a long distinguished career in acting and civil rights, she will be remembered for ‘The Jackie Robinson Story’ (1950), ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ (1961) and many more.  I know I will always remember her in Spike Lee’s ‘Do The Right Thing’ (Mother Sister) and ‘Jungle Fever’.

“Racism destroys self-confidence, it stomps on daring… That’s what is does to our children, it shortens our reach because we begin to believe everything that’s said about us. We buy into it….”  – Ruby Dee

RIP Ruby Dee

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Game of Zones Episode 2

I love spoofs of Game of Thrones, which reminds me that the season 4 finale is happening this Sunday…

HAHA, I am Melo fan but I could not help laughing at Phil Jackson pushing Melo through the moon door.

Game of Zones

Game of Zones

And damn, why D-Wade got to be Cersei Lannister???



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