Major League Baseball’s Twitter Account Pays Respect to USA Goalie Tim Howard

In a sign of respect to the tremendous effort Tim Howard is displaying in goal against Belgium @MLB tweeted a twitpic of the Gold Gloves in the Hall of Fame and said they now belong to Howard.


In Extra Time Belgium finally beat Howard and currently lead 2-1, no matter the outcome of this game Howard has played out of his mind and there is no shame in this lost.

Tim Howard with 16 saves has made himself into a star in the United States with this World Cup performance.


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Happy Canada Day!!!

Big shoutout to our homies up north who are celebrating the anniversary of uniting of three colonies to form a single country called Canada. I could thank Canada for development of hockey as we know it today, but there is something much more important to be thankful for….


I’m an older head who watched a fair share of TV growing up, and one of the shows I always enjoyed and grew up on was Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High (Not talking about the Drake years for all of you Drake fans). While American shows would have their “very special episodes” it seemed like every episode was a special for Degrassi; drug use, child abuse, teenage pregnancy, homosexuality,homophobia, racism, and divorce.

So on this Canada Day, I salute Canadians for Degrassi and its social contributions

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Oh yeah, thanks for Gloria Reuben as well…..


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Floyd Mayweather Announces Sept 13th Rematch with Marcos Maidana

I guess there was some good that came out of the BET Awards this past weekend.

While doing an interview with LATen Media Floyd Mayweather announced September 13th as the date for a rematch with Marcos Maidana. A rematch with Maidana will be great for boxing as Mayweather and Maidana put on a show in their first fight (May 3rd). 

As for the May surprise, could we finally see Mayweather vs Pacquiao?

Who knows, Mayweather is a master at promoting his fights, so lets not get our hopes too high. For all we know it could be a fight with Amir Khan who has been doing a lot of talking about fighting Floyd or Pacquiao.


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