Alonzo Mourning Inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame

Alonzo Mourning 1992 NBA Draft Hornets

Alonzo Mourning’s induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame is well deserved and kind of brings it full circle for me as a fan of his style of play.

As a Knicks’ fan I started to follow Patrick Ewing and his career which led me back to Georgetown and that’s when I started watching Alonzo Mourning. His intensity on the court quickly made me a fan. Watching Zo wear the #33 and then finding out how he idolized Ewing, I was sold on Mourning at that point and became the biggest “Fanboy” of Mourning.  I became such a big fan that I even disliked Dikembe Mutombo when I felt like he was getting a lil bit too much shine at Georgetown.

In the NBA Mourning continued his intense play and helped the Charlotte Hornets become contenders

With Mourning the Hornets became my adopted team but the Knicks’ and Patrick Ewing remained my #1 team. When the Hornets played the Knicks, it was always a double-edged sword. I wanted Mourning to get his 20 points/10 rebounds/2 or 3 blocks, BUT the Knicks had to win, HA!!

And when Mourning signed with the hated Miami Heat that philosophy continued, Zo can get his points but the Knicks had to win!

At the end of the day Mourning squeezed every bit of talent he had and left it all on the court. There may have been more talented players than Alonzo Mourning, but no one worked harder than him.


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