When She Wants To Borrow Your Uber Login….

Is there ever a proper time in a relationship when it’s ok to give your girl your Uber login?

I mean Uber is kind of personal (at least to me), I have multiple credit cards in my profile. Plus I value my rating in Uber; I can’t have someone destroying my rating with some foolishness.

I guess it would be cool to share if you’re married or in a relationship with someone who you trust, but it’s definitely not cool to share with some chick you just met a couple of weeks ago. Well, this past weekend I had to deal with such a request….


Folks there are a couple of things you should keep in mind before requesting someone’s Uber

  1. If you want to use my Uber, you will have a better chance at success (not really, but just saying) if you called me instead of asking via text. Again my Uber is kind of personal for me so at least have the decency to use the old fashion way of communication.
  2. I can be generous so when I offer to send Uber for you and ask for the address where you are at; your first response should not be, “I’ve been drinking, I don’t know the address…” THIS will not entice me to comply with your request, and as I stated before, I will be rated based on how you act. Call a cab!
  3. Telling me you will not abuse my Uber definitely will not give me a sense of relief
  4. When I ask, “Why don’t you just download Uber and sign up for it?” Your response should not be, “Well, I got kicked off of Uber for yelling at the driver and getting into a big fight with him…”
  5. And finally you should keep this in mind, If You’re NOT my girl, don’t even ask!


As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

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