Austin HS Football Player Apollo Hester Gives an Awesome Interview!!!

Apollo Hester just set the bar very high on what makes a good interview.

In this Social Media world we see ridiculous images of people everyday, and as a Black man I am tired of seeing videos go viral showing people of color looking foolish. From the “Obama Phone Lady to Sweet Brown’s “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That…”

Here’s a refreshing/inspiring message from a young man giving an interview after a H.S. football game

“Keep smiling, no matter what you’re going thru if you fall down, just get up. If you can’t get up, your friends are there to help you up. Your momma’s there, your daddy’s there, God’s there, hey I’m there to help you up, you’re there (interviewer)… It’s going to be alright, keep smiling man!”

Kudos to this kat Apollo Hester, this is the type of video that needs to go viral!


As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!


Source: TWC News

Video: Lauren Mickler

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