Can’t Wait for the Polls to Close…..

I can’t wait for all the polls to close and for this election cycle to be over, and it’s not because I am excited for either party to win.

I can’t wait for all the damn emails asking for donations/support to STOP!!!!!!




For the past couple of months my inbox has been inundated with email after email asking for donations for several Democrats running for office throughout the country. Of course I receive emails from Democrats since I am a Democrat, but the emails are out of control.

I have received emails from President Obama, Joe Biden, Michele Obama, Alec Baldwin, and then a bunch of people I really have no idea about…. Gary Peters, Tim Bishop, and even Tim Bishop’s daughter Molly!?



I realize Democrats had the odds against them coming into the mid-term elections but come on, 10-15 emails a day asking for money is out of control. As a Democrat I will probably disappointed by the outcome on Nov 4th, but my inbox will be thrilled that it’s all over

As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!



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