Strip Clubs, the Last Bastion of Personal Contact….

Strip Clubs are the last bastion of personal contact we have left in our society.

Now hear me out on this before calling me a perv!

In today’s society we have all this technology that has opened up access while at the same time creating an anti-social environment.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Texting (and all the texting apps, Whatsapp, Snapchat…..)

Think about it, it was only 10-years ago when the cell phone increased our availability and then everyone was talking on a cell phone. Now cell phones are smart phones, and with phones becoming smarter we have moved away from speaking on the phone to either texting, taking IG pics, creating Snapchat videos and updating Facebook and Twitter.

More often than not people prefer to text instead of talking on the phone, WTF????

The importance of personal touch and voice-to-voice conversation has been lost and replaced with the sound of a notification alarm on your phone.

And that brings me back to strip clubs and them being the last bastion of personal contact, HAHAHA!!!

Imagine if Strip Clubs all went the virtual route?


Strip Clubs allow personal touch, and actual face to face conversation, albeit it’s a fantasy and your possibly calling a chick Diamond, Shawty Shake the Pole, or the classics like Jasmine and Lexus (no offense to the ladies who names are Jasmine and Lexus).

Seriously, while my example of strip clubs might be a stretch; the point is we need to bring back the value of personal contact with your friends and family.  You can’t replicate that loud ass friend with the infectious laugh with an emoji or ‘LOL’ and ‘HAHAHAHAHA’.

So the point of all this is to keep in mind that we need to cool out on all the texting and start getting back to personal relationships.


We need to make sure strip clubs never become virtual, with an actual place we can walk into and ask for either Diamond, Shawty Shake the Pole, Lexus or Lexi, and Jasmine.



As always….

If there is something to be said, “It’s On Broadway” to step up and say it!!

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