MLB Denies Shoeless Joe Jackson Reinstatement

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred stated in a letter to the Shoeless Joe Jackson museum that he felt it “would not be appropriate for me to reopen this matter.”

Earlier this year the Shoeless Joe Jackson museum petitioned Manfred to look into reinstating Jackson. The last time Jackson’s reinstatement was looked at was back in 1989 by A. Bartlett Giamatti.

In reviewing Jackson’s case Manfred wrote the following

“The results of this work demonstrate to me that it is not possible now, over 95 years since those events took place and were considered by Commissioner Landis, to be certain enough of the truth to overrule Commissioner Landis’ determinations,” Manfred wrote to the museum. 

This could be the definitive ruling against Jackson, as there seems to be a reluctance to undo what was put in place by a former commissioner. With that said Pete Rose and his Stans were more than likely looking at this ruling to get a sense of Manfred’s mindset.

Manfred recently stated that he will be come to a decision concerning Rose by the end of the year. If Shoeless Joe Jackson can’t get any love (with a weaker case against him) then Rose and his lying ass may not have a chance at reinstatement, oh well….



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Credit: ESPN

NEWS FLASH Washington Fans, Kirk Cousins STILL Sucks!

FINALLY Jay Gruden made the decision I felt he has been wanting to make since he became head coach of Washington. He benched RG3…. Well Gruden named Kirk Cousins starter for the rest of the season in light of RG3 still feeling the effects of a concussion he suffered in preseason.

But before Washington fans start celebrating the “death” of RG3, I need you all to remember one thing.

Kirk Cousins sucks!!!

I mean RG3 has not been great, but Cousins is not saving the day


In 2014 the job was all the way Cousins when RG3 dislocated his ankle, but he shat on the money with an inconsistent showing in 4-starts. In one game he threw 4-picks and lost a fumble against the NY Giants, and then he was eventually benched against the lowly Titans for Colt McCoy.

So unless things have drastically changed for Cousins, Washington fans shouldn’t be excited about the Kirk Cousins Era Part 2!


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Credit: ESPN